Gotta love this conversation I found
from the siLive "parenting" forum....

1436. A warning to parents
by mommadonna, 1/18/06 8:32 ET
I was just warned by a friend that over the weekend her and her husband were flipping thru the cable channels and tripped over community channel 35. They were shocked at what they saw. They were basically pornographic shots of different people having sex or performing sex acts on one another. She stated that there was one where two hippie type men were"having fun' with each other, then the next one was a mentally challenged couple having sex,and the last was a woman in a wheelchair having sex. She kept changing the channel thinking somethings got to be wrong and when she would check again, another pornographic movie was being shown. She said that the movies looked to be old. She was very concerned because she has young children in her home. When she called the cable company to complain, they stated there was nothing they could do and she should call the community channel to complain. Of course for days now she has not been able to get thru. Has anyone else heard of this. Isnt this something our cable company should tell us, so as parents we can block this channel?

1436.1. That's terrible!
by NoLie17, 1/18/06 9:11 ET
Re: A warning to parents by mommadonna, 1/18/06
But just to make sure ... what day and time is this on? LOL.

1436.1.2. if it is Industrial Television they're talking about
by DealHunter, 1/18/06 10:21 ET
Re: A warning to parents by mommadonna, 1/18/06
Its on Saturdays at Midnight, but I just realized that they're on channel 34, not maybe we're not talking about the same show. It was the description of the "two hippie guys" that makes me think its IT the poster is speaking of.Here's the website:

1436.2. I bet it was Industrial Television...
by DealHunter, 1/18/06 10:07 ET
Re: A warning to parents by mommadonna, 1/18/06
Im sure Im going to get flamed here, but usually that show is pretty funny. It sounds like your friend caught a tasteless, unfunny one. It happens but usually the show finds these crazy vintage clips and its pretty amusing.You do have to have a dark/offbeat sense of humor to enjoy it though. And its certainly not for kids.

1436.3. I believe you are talking about Industrial Television
by jbean3, 1/18/06 11:02 ET
Re: A warning to parents by mommadonna, 1/18/06
It is on Saturdays at midnight. I personally don't like the show but I know alot of people think its funny, my husband included. Kids shouldn't be up at that hour anyway but if your kids are up and flipping channels at that time then yes, I would just block the channel. That is why we have "Parental Control"!

1436.3.1. I understand I could
by mommadonna, 1/18/06 11:12 ET
Re: A warning to parents by mommadonna, 1/18/06
block it,now that I know about it.My point is this is basic cable, how would a parent know the content of this channel at night. Teens are up that late at night,could you imagine if they were aware of it and the parents of course were the last to know? How upset would you be when you found out about it? WE watch everything they do on the computer, for good reasons, now I have to worry about a basic cable station?

1436.3.1.1. I know, I monitor everything my daughter does on the computer
by jbean3, 1/18/06 16:43 ET
Re: A warning to parents by mommadonna, 1/18/06
and what she watches but unfortunately, we can't be with her 24/7 though, I wish I could.

1437. Lol
by mommadonna, 1/18/06 9:20 ET
Be sure to "not" look for it after 11 pm on the weekends.

Our reign of terror continues!...
Check out these reviews of industrial TELEVISION!

from cinema sewer, spring 2005 see recent mention of iTv in the SI Advance!

industrial Television

Review by: Hysteric Eric ( see links page)

Staten Island trash mainstays industrial Television have a free tape for you! They’re a fun TV show on exploitation film and retro-kookiness that’s been cranking out hour-long episodes on public access since 1996, and believe me, that’s a fairly remarkable achievement. This is a good fun party tape to watch and have a laugh with/at; mix with some immature friends and adult beverages and stir. It is obvious that they have a deep catalog to draw from, just like TFO Headquarters here in Sacramento, they probably have thousands of videos crammed into a tiny apartment, er, displayed in a Archival Research Laboratory. Preserved for posterity and for use in proselytizing the hip chicks and cool cats to the trash scene. Two goofy looking biker dudes mug for the camera, their reaction shots are edited in for visual commentary on the onscreen action, and scenes are dubbed over with silly dialogue. The clips are the usual and the not so usual—clips of old educational films and horror film trailers, old TV ads and a snippet of a girl taking her clothes off on the public access show Nawty Girl 2 Night. Trailers include 200 Motels, Sister-In-Law, Student Nurses, Hands of Orlac, and the amazing-looking film Devil’s 3! With a Diver Dan episode with Bela Lugosi and Walter Brennan voices, an edu-film with a teenage Dick York as the “shy guy”, and 60s ads for Cola, Kool-Aid, Buick, Shredded Wheat and Kix. I enjoyed it all except for a video with bad music. This tape appears to be episodes 137/138, so I suppose the number of shows must be around 200 now. They want to do this show for reals (i.e. for pay) and we here at TFO wish ‘em well. Check out their website at for there free tape (and stickers) offer or send $4.00 bucks shipping to iTV, c/o Edmund Varuolo, P.O. Box, 202206, Staten Island, NY, 10302-0002. As it says on their site, this deal is like a sore dick—you can’t beat it!

Latest review from the "television reviews" section of "" see links page

Industrial Television
Industrial Television is a show aired on Staten Island's public access station. Now I know you're saying "Oh Gawd, Public Access? Who watches THAT?". Well apparently an aweful lot of open minded and twisted people (like me) in Staten Island!

The show features such things as clips from movies, educational videos, "horror" films, and old trailers. Many episodes feature real violence and gore, while others include portions from the bizarre archives of cartoons, old stag films, or girls just getting naked for the hell of it. From voiced over kung fu type films, to perverted versions of Rocky and Bullwinkle, this show has everything a twisted mind could ask for.

Between clips your hosts, the 2 droogies Edmund Varuolo and Brian Powell, provide various commentary and amusement thru their strange antics and smart ass remarks.

It is truly amazing how much they get away with over there in Staten Island and I'm jealous! The show airs on Saturdays at midnight and would be squashed in other areas by the "morality patrol officers" of our time.

iTV first started broadcasting in 1996. They came up with the title Industrial Television due to the "industrial" films they used to show. They have been building an audience over the years making it now the #1 show on Staten Island community television.

Unfortunately I do not live in the Staten Island area, and am cursed with only one video tape to re-watch now and then. But for those of you out in the Staten Island area - this is a must see!

Maybe one day they'll move across the river to NJ - but until then maybe a fellow twisted individual will share the tapes with us over here in Jersey!

Kudos guys! The show is great!

© 2003 Wild Cauldron Production All rights reserved. No Duplication permitted. All band logos, images, likenesses, etc. used with permission. Copyrights retained by owners

newest review from the "Must View Boobtube" section of "new world" see links page

Industrial Television......Reviewed by Ryan Livingston
It's late on a Saturday Night. You're channel surfing, trying to find something interesting to watch. Then you hit upon Staten Island Community Access and find a couple of guys in lounge chairs heckling their television set. You have found Industrial Television.

The Premise

For over 7 years now, iTv has been a showcase for the bizarre, the sickening and the obscure. They have scoured miles of video tape to find the most eclectic mix of clips imaginable: from "Faces of Death" to early Fleischer cartoons to 1950's film reels about "special people" - and everything in between. Corny commercials, blood soaked drive-in trailers, good old Swedish porn - you name it, it gets aired.

The Execution

First they show a few trailers and commercials, then the short subject, and finally the feature. It's much like ye olde day at the cinema; however, with more beer and less popcorn.

Every once in a while there'd be interjections from the aptly named droogies - named after Alex's gang in A Clockwork Orange - the "hosts" and producers of iTv. A quick quip, a zany sketch, a puff of smoke or naked chick later the show resumes.

The show at times can be graphic. Well ok, most of the time it's graphic. There's a lot of material the FCC would have a field day with. Thank god for Public Access!

I myself have been known turn away, but that's just me…. I gasp for air if I look too long at the little diver in fish tanks, so you really can't go by me. However, it's nothing levelheaded folks ready for some fun can't handle.

And despite the droogies crass appearance, they treat their constituency well. Every year, iTv hosts a party for fans. Way to keep it real!

The Verdict

This is the perfect medicine for people who take life too seriously. It can possibly cure them, but most likely cause a deadly overdose… either way, problem solved.

iTv is a breath of fresh air. The droogies obviously are not afraid to go against the grain, and we need that. We need a show that'll challenge society and push the limits - iTv does just that. It's not for everyone, but you should at least watch it a few times before you make that call.

Obviously if you don't live neat Staten Island, NY, you're going to have a hard time finding iTv. However, there is a website - Industrial - where you can get a hold of tapes.

And I feel, in time, iTv will make its way around the country… if not in the original form, then in copycat offshoots.

Oh… right… the numbers: For being innovative, provocative and all that jazz like that it gets a 6 out of 6. And because it's shown during "grown-up time," I'll not take off points for corrupting the youth of America… it's too late for that anyway.

Recent cool review from REwind video magazine:

Review - Industrial Television

This tape from Staten Island New York came across my desk at REwind and the big wigs told me to watch and review it. Ok desk is too strong a word lets say… cardboard box. Think Beavis and Butthead, Ren and Stimpy except with a whole lot of teeth and none of that thing called censorship.

A variety show with plenty to show, anger, and amuse people all at the same time. Comprised primarily of old news reels, snuff tapes, circa 60's and 70's educational reels along with basement commentary from what looks like two old single long haired slightly over weight guys in a makeshift cardboard set, Industrial Television sets the tone for an unapologetic social commentary (?) on stuff.

Just like the title of the show there are short industrial films on hygiene, health, safety, and the educational sex lives of people with Down syndrome. To the less initiated and overly sensitive viewer iTV might look like a racist insensitive and pointless show. To those people all I have to say is: Lighten up you conservative jackasses. To me I think it's 100% amusing to see to white guys dress up like Black folks or Chinese guys and play up the cultural difference we all share (FYI I'm Chinese too and I'm not offended). It's satire in its most crude and heinous form. Honestly who doesn't like nudity and violence? The only difference is that it's on tv instead of a theatre. Is a feature film in the works by the way?

iTV is a show for people who are tired of watching a politically correct night of shows on cable and networks. People now a day are so sensitive to the slightest thing out of place on TV it's ridiculous. Example: 2004 Superbowl. This was the first Superbowl where nobody talked about the game. Who really gives a flying monkeys ass whether Janet Jackson showed some titty during the halftime show? Anybody watched iTV lately? Janet just ran the best interference play of all time. Is any one talking about Michael Jackson right now? NO! Show more boobies and less child molester. Until that happens on the networks I'll just stick to my iTV. Check them out at or for more crazyshit.

Wally Fong -
(see links page)

Cool iTV article from the SI Source newspaper:
CLICK ON THE COVER TO READ THIS ARTICLE>>>SI source article 7/03 (will open in a new window)

(from GONZORIFFIC reviews)
industrial TELEVISION
This is a show that airs on the Staten Island public access station, which features clips from "mondo" movies, educational videos, "scare" films, old trailers, and much more.
Some of the clips have real violence or gore like in FACES OF DEATH, and some are from movies and are fake.
Several clips come from weird old stag films, bizarre sex cartoons, and "nudie" reels, others are just new footage of girls getting naked for no apparent reason.
I've always been fascinated by anything "Mondo", and "Psychotronic" films. The good people of Staten Island are lucky to have a show like this!
I bow down to the guys who make "industrial TELEVISION"! Not only is their collection of oddball films a force to be reckoned with, but the way they are able to edit stuff together is exceptionally great. I had the priviledge of viewing a tape of two current episodes (one hour long each), and my eyes and mouth remained wide open the whole time. Unlike something such as CATHODE FUCK, iTV is not so much an assault on your senses but a celebration of all things weird, sexy, and fun. Imagine if you had every video SOMETHING WEIRD made, and were able to just get the highlights delivered rapid-fire in one hour. Awesome, right? You bet your ass. One minute you'll be watching an old sci fi flick, or a musical, and the next you might see people get hit by a train, or a baby being born, or a cartoon of Abe Lincoln having sex. Now you understand? iTV truly is something fun and incredible, and the guys who put it together are also part of the madness. Imagine if Beavis & Butthead joined MST3K and you kind of get the idea. I'm totally envious of anyone who gets Staten Island public access on their TV. This show rules! I've never seen anything like it.
The sex cartoons and the (real) footage of a c-section being performed are things I will probably never forget, and things I will probably be making many people watch!

All you dateless wonders out there know how hard it is sometimes to justify sitting at home on a Saturday night watching tv. Well those lucky bastards in Staten Island don't have this problem thanks to the 2 droogies Edmund Varuolo and Brian Powell. Broadcasting on Staten Island Cable every Saturday night at midnight Industrial Television is the ultimate late night party.
The idea behind Industrial Television (iTV) is so brilliant and so simple I'm surprised no one thought of it sooner. The producers of this show have been collecting obscure videos for almost 24 years now and once a week edit together a hour of mind blowing clips. There are your old standby low rent movie trailers but the driving force behind the show seems to be a love of sleaze. The majority of the clips on the episodes I saw were 70's softcore, kung fu, gore, X-rated anime, classroom films and some shocking and hilarity inducing sex filled fairy tale cartoons.

The hosts of the show pop in every now and then with some well timed smart ass comments and, like the great horror hosts of old, will sometimes dub over some more fitting dialogue for the on screen action.According to information on their website iTV first started broadcasting in 1996. They came up with the title Industrial Television due to the "industrial" films they used to show. As mentioned before the show airs Saturday nights at midnight and has been building an audience over the years making it now the #1 show on Staten Island community television.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed watching this show. I got a tape in the mail that had 2 episodes on it and it almost made me want to move to Staten Island. I'm guessing that the censors out there are all in bed by midnight because its amazing what they can get away with . The nudity, sex and drug use are at times non stop, and yet never too far over the edge. The first episode featured an x-rated cartoon, kinda like one of the Fractured Fairy Tales from Rocky and Bullwinkle only with more sex, followed by a educational film featuring a live child birth and then an old Bettie Page bondage reel. I defy you to try and find variety like that anywhere on television.

Lets face it, if you visit this site your probably going to like this show as much as I did. Its fast, loose and sleazy and ten times more entertaining than anything the major networks are gonna try and force on us. I tip my hat to iTV producers and hosts Edmund Varuolo and Brian Powell for not only coming up with this show but keeping it on the air for as long as they have. We could really use something like this on the air in Toronto

this one's by Carl T. Ford (from UNRATED MAG, U.K.)

If you enjoy wallowing in trash that includes nudie-cutie flicks, blaxploitation, government anti-drug propaganda, slashers, and asian martial arts madness, then this cable show from the USA ought to be up your street. Presented by “The 2 Droogies” (Edmund Varuolo and Brian Powell): two crazy Staten Island trash addicts who lounge in their tv room/studio, surrounded by trash film one sheets, INDUSTRIAL TELEVISION (iT) is a 1 hour barrage of adverts, cheesy soft-core porn, horror and kung fu film clips, and assorted exploitation excerpts, punctuated by brief dialogue of the presenters (and the occasional sexy iT female groupie), that goes beyond the likes of the UK’s similar concept OUT THERE. Politically incorrect on all fronts, (regular inserts include gory news reels, porn, autopsy footage, and the presenters have been known to black themselves up) this show is the perfect weekend accompaniment for a ‘lads night in’ with a few beers, for those who can’t be bothered with girlies, or are fortunate to have a hellcat for a partner who shares an equally debauched sense of taste.
To give you a taste, here’s a sampling of material from a couple of episodes from the latest (6th) season:

#111: Previews of Coming Attractions “Superargo vs Diabolicus” , “Sister Streetfighter” (with Etsuko Shiomi and Shinichi ('Sonny') Chiba, “Cop Haters”, Ann and Eve” (sexploitation), “The Runaway”, “Son of Samson” (Egyptian slave revolt film with Mark Forest), a lengthy Kung Fu clip from “The Fatal Flying Guillotine”, ads for 50s cigarette brands (Kool, Madison & Paxton) a cartoon “(Pussy Da Red Nosed Reindeer”) and a lengthy (and excrutiatingly dull) industrial programme entitled “Hemp for Victory”, and “Betty Page Bondage” video clips.

#112: ‘ALL-NUDE Collector’s Edition’ Trailers for “The Naked Countess”, “Up Your Alley”, Bob Cresse’s ’68 savage, sex-filled western “Hot Spur”, an adult cartoon sickie entitled “Deep Sympathy” manga/hentai cartoons including “Dragon Pink” and “Itoyoko” clips, a great b&w nudie short “Elm House Manor” where a busty woman wanders around semi-clad in a creepy manor run by a vampire, the full-length main feature attraction is “Nude Camera” a documentary that promotes nude photography, and various Japanese bondage clips.

The show has proved popular Stateside, the Droogies have claimed that their show is CTVs most watched presentation, and has subsequently led to a series of complaints from the moral minority. The Droogies excellent website (which all UNRATED readers should visit) includes a number of ridiculous quotations (“...a prime example of the decay of morals in today’s society” - A preacher on the S.I. Ferry), episode guides, news, behind the scenes details, ordering info (you can even get hold of tapes of past shows), and a catalogue of collectibles and can be found at...

...well, you're on it (-ed droogie)

HEY!-Check out the chat room some Sat. nights for a live interactive conversation with the producers (if we're up) during the show (approx. 12-1AM)
here's a review from someone (Steven Puchalski)
who "gets" industrial TELEVISION!-(finally!)
from SHOCK CINEMA #20 sping/summer 2002
industrial TELEVISION (2001)
The concept behind this Staten Island cable show is simple. Two self-proclaimed "droogies" (Edmund and Brian) lounge about their one-sheet encrusted TV-room, geting stoned and vegetating to a brain-rotting array of film clips-including nudie flicks, kitsch shorts, chopsocky brutality, documentary grisliness, and much more. The video sent to me contained 2 hour-long programs, including their 100th episode, which features a montage of the various openings, celbrity promos and the favorite moments from their five year run. There's sophomoric humor aplenty during a re-dubbed supermarket training film, and for black history month, the pair dig up the infamous musical number from Wonder Bar, with a black-faced Al Jolson dancing in heaven alongside a chorus of giant watermelon slices! From emulsion-scratched trailers, to vomit performance art and anti-drug propaganda, their finds are hilarious and jaw-dropping. The only downside in the occaisional, over-long industrial film - which even puts the hosts to sleep! These guts may act like burn-outs, but they obviously put a shitload of effort into their selection of clips; so kick back, light up, crack open a bottle, and pay these droogs a visit.

HERE'S A MENTION THAT WE GOT IN (of all places!)
The National Ass'n. of letter carriers Branch #99 Mar. 2003 newsletter:

Here's the recent CTV interview>>>
click here for the ctv interview!

Here's last year's article from the SI advance:
Is industrial Television a hit?
Although not loved by everyone, the cable show remains popular

Staten Island Advance, Friday, February 22, 2002

The producers of "industrial Television" (iT) claim their show is the most popular program on Staten Island CTV. It surely is one of the most controversial. Printouts from the iT Web site recently were passed along to "Tuning In" and I admit I found them interesting. Any show whose slogan is "Sex, Violence and Cartoons" can't be all bad, can it?
I had not been aware of the show, which airs at 1 a.m. Saturdays and 2 a.m. Sundays on local access Channel 34.
The program is produced on Staten Island by two Staten Island men, Edmund Varuolo of Port Richmond and Brian Powell of Meiers Corners, who call themselves "the 2 Droogies." A pilot program was produced in 1996 but the series premiered in Sept. 1998. According to Varuolo, January marked the start of its sixth season.
The Droogies say the series is. made up of uncensored film and video clips and "weekly compilations of the strange, the bizarre and the unseen."
Nearly all the titles or descriptions of episodes (Tribute to Drugs is one exception) contain words the Advance, as a family newspaper, does not routinely use. There is no point in trying to sanitize them because the result would be gibberish.
To get a sense of what iT is about, listen to the views expressed by Public Administrator Gary Gotlin, spokesman for the CTV board of directors.
"It's a show that should not be on the air but there are free-speech issues," Gotlin said. "We don't possess the right to keep it off, only the authority to adjust the time it airs."
Production values on some middle-of-the-night local access programming is so awful that viewers can barely make out what's happening but apparently that's not the case with iT.
"It seems to be an organized effort to put on something that's reasonably well-done," Gotlin said, "but I don't agree with the nudity and foul language. I find parts of iT to be offensive."
"It's just my opinion but nothing on television should have sexual content that's negative to women and offensive to men and women," he continued. "If I had my druthers, it wouldn't be on the air."
Gotlin said he had no way of knowing just how many viewers the show attracts but that the CTV staff might have a better take on that.
Told of the Droogies' claim that their show is CTV's most-watched, Tibor Spiegel, CTV's executive director, said, "I wouldn't dispute it." While current data is unavailable, he said, "a couple of years ago, Staten Island (now Time Warner) Cable was doing some kind of survey and it showed that this program was very popular "
It appears that the 2 Droogies are having fun with this stuff and don't take themselves too seriously. When Rich Gregory, who assists the on-air personalities with promotion, production and special effects, heard about Gotlin's comments, he seemed delighted.
"That's great," he said. "You know we support everybody's right to express their opinions."
"Boy, does this saying fit us," says the Web site (, which is hosted by Gregory. "We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible, for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long, with so little, that we are now qualified to do anything with nothing."
Except for the overuse of commas, there's nothing objectionable there.
The Web site, which is pretty entertaining itself, parades comments others have made about the show. Examples
An assemblage of the most disturbing violence imaginable -Daily News
Cease and desist -A lawyer
...a prime example of the decay of morals in today's society -A preacher on the S.I. Ferry

Varuolo described what he called "R-rated" material on the show as "semi-explicit," similar to what is shown on many other cable channels. Nudity and violence take up about one-fifth of each hour, he said.
The reason it's called "industrial Television," he explained, is because each episode includes a "training film" from the 1950s or '60s, you know, the cautionary documentaries that deal with such topics as venereal disease, reckless driving and reefer madness. Such films are known in the business as industrials.
"We use them for their comedic-parody value," said Varuolo,
"But you can't help but learn from them."