here's some pics from the industrialTELEVISION benefit concert!

Bri & Rich Droogie
Ed Droogie & Puch From Rimjaw
it's joe again!
johnny p.
murder machine
murder machine
Here I am from the Lowriders Biketoberfeast with Charl

Here's a look at some of the lovely spokesmodels that have appeared on industrialTELEVISION

Mistress LeAnn
Tibbie X and the bottle
Tibbie X
Tibbie X
Tibbie X
Tibbie X
Tomiko Crip of Week
Tomiko's Foot
Tomiko & Bri Droogie
Tomiko & Bri Droogie
Tomiko & Ed Droogie
Tomiko & Bri Droogie
Tomiko & Ed Droogie

If you are an attractive female
Here's how YOU can be on industrialTELEVISION

Our good friend & huge fan of iTv,
Ted Pomianowski died suddenly
last july 21st, 2004
our condolences go out to Diana and Ted's family...

HERE'S SOME FAN PICS from the iTv 7th anniversary party (our biggest yet!)
Mucho thanx to the 84 maniacs who turned out that night...youse guys (& gals) keep us going!

(Hover for description, click on the thumbnail, then hit the back arrow on your browser...Unnerstan?)
not the kind of toppless we mean!
Catatonic Tim & Ultimate Pete
a small sampling of the massive audience assembled
Buddy and Bri's Sister
Terrible Tim & Rich
The Masters of all That is industrial
Rich, Bri & It's Joe
Suzanne and the maniacs
Ed, tits & mike
Rich, tits & Ted the ghoul
Ted the ghoul & tits
TRIBE OF ANGER band shot
Tom (bass) from TOA
Ricky (vocals) from TOA
TRIBE OF ANGER band shot 2
Ricky (vocals) from TOA in action
some mare of the fine upstanding citizens at the party
Brian-tribe of anger
Da Goils
mike & Bri Droogie
Mike, Ted, & Tits!
Liza & Ed
It's Joe & Ed
thanks to all our fans...we love 'Ya!!!
geez, I was so stoned I forgot to get this couple's name!

Click here for some old fan pics i shot three years ago...
(when they still had concerts at gateway every wed in the summer!)

Here's some old pictures of the fine,
upstanding individuals that attended
the third anniversary party on Aug. 28th, 1999...way back when!

joe and the guy that passed outpaul's big shotannie chillin'christ, almighty!jeez, why me?!?bri, eileen, andy...bri's sister+niecethe ctv possewhat a sorry ass bunch!buddy fair + squeezethe goat plusted's wife