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Provided below for your surfing pleasure are some outstanding
contributors, individuals & websites that support us.
They're 2droogies approved & we suggest you visit them all!

pat's a very cool artist & long-time iTv this muthafukka!

get this 'zine - it rools! iTv programs the show on Aug. 6th!!! be there!

Metal the Painful way!!

cool biker club and fans of iTv!

the dudes from the redspot are fans and throw annual reunions!

pretty funny dudes from Boston, will be on the new season of iTv

very cool company making gore for the new century!... will be on the new season of iTv!
fine program from Canada and contributors to iTv!

Steven Lapcevic is a twisted animator - the kind we like! Take a look at his shit!
Justin Jurfman is a very strange animator & contributor to iTv! Check out the rest of his shit!

Rob Leddy's site for independent film & Home of the Coney Isand Film Festival!
Would you believe - still another cutting-edge website that has reviewed itv!

cool model/actress who's appearing on iTv!

I may not know art, but I know what I like!...quality captive females from this fine video company!
Another glowing review of iTv, see their site for more wild & crazy cinema!

Yet another cool site that reviewed iTv!

another fantastic source for underground vids!

Mike McCarthy is making great schlock for the new millenium!

great source for underground videos!

very cool people & friends of iTv!

lotsa kung-fu reviews!

Another great review of iTv, see their site for more cool shit!

even more underground vids!

has nothing to do with that movie.
metal news, links, reviews, more!

Submitted below for your approval are some more wonderful sites that your heroes, The 2DROOGIES, most heartily recommend...

Timothy's Terrible Tunes
aliens collection
Unrated Mag Great site for keeping up with underground releases (see i.T. review!)
Shock Cinema
Losman's Lair of Horror See his review of Buddy G's 'Combat Shock'
Staten Island Community Television Our home
Manhattan Neighborhood Network Our second home
VCI Entertainment dedicated to the restoration of rare, out-of-print and obscure films
Pulp Movies The Incredibly Strange Film Site
Rotten Dot Com  images and information ... a truly unpleasant experience.
Pulsing Cinema delve into the new sea of digital video exploitation
Vigilante Video i.T.Official Sponsor-great source for obscure video!
Luminous Film & Video Wurks High quality Euro imports
Video Search of Miami Cult movie video club
Something Weird Video... Mike Vraney's doing thew film community a great service with his company a review of i.T.! these guys are them as they did us! use the filters on this site to find NC-17 flicks!

bizarre mag offers the best in today's technologies

FINAL CUT PRO links: (this is the editing software we use to create iTv)
Apple - Final Cut Pro Support (USA)
Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro
2-pop - The Digital Filmmaker's Resource Site
creative cow Final Cut Pro forum
LAFCPUG - Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group
Postforum Final Cut Pro Forum
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