episode guide 3 Fall 2000-Spring 2004
People constantly tell us that the best portions of the show are our "inserts" (-you know, the assholistic reaction shots we shoot & edit into the material) ...so, the "droogie inserts" are noted in red text...with the time they appear within the program, so you can look for them and have a hearty chuckle! By the way, if you would like to receive two recent episodes on a vhs tape, click here.

industrial TELEVISION #84 (5th season premiere)
return of bri droogie first aired: 10/1, 10/8/00

Chinese scientist dub..."thought baloons" welcome bri skit....PREVIEWS: the Burning moon, Mr. wee-gee, Forbidden beauties, Nudes on the rocks...(insert: "tits" 12:23)
Cliff Richard sequence from thunderbirds....(
droogie dancing 17:22)
Time for snack bar/Native animation/Why fuss?/Manley's high-pop....
More "death-cerpts": ear, leg, hand, head, bodies, no-brain, dope-filled corpse...(
revulsion 24:00)
Feature: Signal 30 (
laughing 30:56, toking 42:35)
"Hey oppenheimer, put something else on"...Japs show underpants/Jap game show stuff
i.T. 5th anniversary clips...(
ed "home alone" & bri hits head around 52:00)

industrial TELEVISION #85
(kinda sorta like the Halloween show) first aired: 10/15, 10/22/00

"triode" opening dub...."most incredible" intro....PREVIEWS:Nude las vegas, story of eight girls, good time with a bad girl (droogie dance), the brutes (girly screams)....
beach promo spot "mutherfukka!"....."eject this tape" bumper
cartoon: 8th Man "target 8th man" (
double take 17:02, burning 26:30)
Native dentristry/circumcisions...(
bri 40:36 & Ed aghast 42:01)
Grandma strips....brawling broads "jill vs. angela" (
fight 49:38)

industrial TELEVISION #86
first aired: 10/29, 11/05/00

plan 9 dubbed clip... PREVIEWS: Bog, superstition, a. Warhol's Dracula (droogie puke), meat cleaver massacre (scream), Corpse grinders admonition, gore-gore girls, dawn of the dead, basket case...
commercials: godzila and barkley, alien epesi, various theater spook show ads: Dr. rome, mad Dr., (
bri-"scary stuff" 19:35)
feature: the manster (
ed: "scary stuff" 24:40, beating TV 36:25)
behind the scenes of dawn of the dead (
laughing 43:40, "that guy's a homo" 52:50)

industrial TELEVISION #87
first aired: 11/12, 11/19/00

"blowin' dad dub"..."put it in intro".....PREVIEWS: Thunder kick, body snatcher from hell, twisted nerve, satan's bed, madame olga's massage parlor...(ed punches bri 4:16, bri punches ed 6:30, facial cu's 11:00, "that's mean" 13:30)
exploding varmits excerpt (
double take/scream 21:25)...8th man (evil laughs 31:20)
feature: the dangerous stranger (
lecher bri 39:21, ed winks 41:07)
mondo excerpts: lost hikers, dead mid-east kids, burnt?, scorpion eater, scorp armwrestling, dead africans, street shooting, El salvador death squad
(toking 56:44, revulsion 49:07)

industrial TELEVISION #88
first aired: 11/26, 12/03/00

"kissing" dubbed clip..."tape's jammed" intro....PREVIEWS: Guru-the mad monk, wonderful land of oz, merry musketeers, watch the birdie, cool breze, my 3rd wife george (laughing 6:32, bri winks-ed open mouth 11:50, dancing 12:32, eating popcorn 17:10)
guys at beach promo spot...not any homos bumper "Homo shakers" "I told you no more homos"...cartoon: "alice's eggplant" "frogland" (
"does this get any better?" 29:04, "what da fuk wuz that?" 35:29)...
feature: "your school safety patrol"/"snakes"...(
ed tokes 50:49)...cassie promo spot...
excerpt from history of the blue movie (
tits chant 53:52)

industrial TELEVISION #89
some christmas stuff in this one. first aired: 12/10, 12/17/00

schlomo claus intro..."cocksoup" routine...PREVIEWS: vapors, sextet, wing chun, bang-bang kid, the rubber gun...("think that guy's a homo?" 4:06, bri kung-fu 8:44)
excerpt from granma "87 & still banging" (
freak out 17:56, revulsion 18:44)...
cartoon: "jungle jitters"...(
black dance 20:16)...
"most stupendous" bumper...Faeture: "judy's smile"...(
bri smiles 28:34, ed smiles 31:42)
schlomo's christmas adventure (
bad dubbed bonus segment) ....kung-fu "crip" of the week- Jackie Chan...(popcorn bit)...more mondo "death-cerpts"-gimp soccer/birth/bomb victims/camel slaughter/smashed face...(bri-"wot a fuk?" 52:58, laughing 55:19)

industrial TELEVISION #90
first aired: 12/24/00, 12/31/00

dubbed clip: "family blow job camp"....Previews: Loch Ness Horror, wonderous story of birth, Bad girls, the girl grabbers, super dragon, shanghai Lil....(screams 4:34, Bat fight 9:54, punching bri 12:54)
old Esso ad, "put something else on" bumper....vomitorium excerpt....(
getting sick 18:34)
cartoon: 8th man (
slowly turning & loking at each other 28:40)....
feature: "USA today" from 1954...(
toking 40:41, askew 44:26)
assorted drive-in ads: sprite intermission/bic lighters/pepsi/segregated audiences/observer corps/hasty-tasty drive in/ ticket back/free country/.....nudie/stripper loop excerpts with tempest storm (
tits chant 54:31)

industrial TELEVISION #91
first aired: 1/06/01, 1/13/01

"touching me in the dark" intro...Previews: Fury of the black belt, Mating urge, Musical mutiny, Baby needs a new pair of shoes, Fuego, Orgy of the golden nudes (punch to ed 3:27, staring at screen 9:48, fighting again 13:00)...cartoon: more 8th man (askew/drugged 18:49)...promo spot from roadhouse blues Feature: Adventures in home decor 1958 ("that guy's a homo" 26:35)..."slant poon" intro-Jap wrestling women (choke/fight 42:42)
nudies: dagger dance, peep loops (
tits chant 49:05) minstrel tap dance

industrial TELEVISION #92
first aired: 1/21/01, 1/28/01

"gross, fecal" intro...Previews: Cutthroats nine, Out of it, Zeta one, Grasshopper, I was a man, Girls come too...("that's mean" 4:20, punch 10:33, dancing 13:20 & 14:35)
"now I've seen it all" bumper...short: "making the most of school" 1958 (
ed retarded 19:20, "tits" 23:40)...cartoon: "plane dumb" (black laugh 28:54)...Feature: excerpts from "food" (double take 36:10, slow take at each other 42:28, food tits chant 49:51) ..."mr. neck" and other deathcerpts...(more girly screams 55:18)
plus a little toe sucking at the end...

industrial TELEVISION #93
first aired: 2/4/01, 2/11/01

"family" dubbed segment...."chinee" subtitled intro-Previews: screaming tiger, The big bust out, Orgy of the living dead, 3 tough guys, Stacey...(frozen droogies 4:50, still frozen 6:12, ed gets punched 10:47)
still another 8th man carton (
evil laugh 19:00)...kung-fu "crip" of the week intro- excerpt from wing chun...(battling 29:10)....Feature:"Peddlers of misery" 70's anti-drug film...("that guy's a homo" 38:38, toking/choking 47:49)...tassle a go-go, Fanny hill meets the red baron (dancing 55:16)

industrial TELEVISION #94
annual salute to black history month first aired: 2/18/01, 2/25/01

B.H.M. blackface intro...Previews: Monkey hustle, super dude, Hell up in harlem, Wattstax, Black mama-White mama, That man bolt (fred williamson promo spot!), Soul of nigger charley, Across 110th st., Big bird cage...("looka dat" 6:55, dance 8:18, "right on"/handshake 9:26, laughs 13:00, eating watermelon 19:28 & 24:40)...more trailers: Book of numbers, Truck turner, Soul to soul, Cleo jones & casino of gold, scream Blacula scream, Sheba baby, Superfly..."watermelon" bumper...(dance 29:26, "nigga, please" 34:40 & 55:30, "that's fine" 37;45, "you am be funny" 44:23, scratchin' & pickin' 49:40)...cartoon: "wrasslin' match"..."da bomb bumper"...3 the hard way, Black rodeo, Fonkey party... (dance 57:01, take a bow at the very end)

industrial TELEVISION #95
first aired: 3/04/01, 3/11/01

dubbed sequence: "caught that bastard"...Previews: Thunder fist, Battle of the amazons, Frankenstein meets the space monster, Naked evil, Detroit 9000, Mothergoose a go-go...(screams 4:44 & 5:37, "looka dat" 1:16, "that guy's a homo" 18:24 & 30:12)
"homo clip of the week" intro-homo pool players-outro: "you promised me no more..."
cartoon: "legend of the overfiend" excerpt...Jap commercial crap, Bowling ball fight, Cig commercial, Tricycle race, Annie, Bikini girls, Shoting volleyballs, Tarantino, UFO homo number, Beavis, Tarrantino again ((lecher bri 26:24, lecher ed 26:52)...phillip morris midget, cig commercials montage, winston commercials.....Prostate cancer clip.....still more trailers: girl in room 2A, Strange compulsion...
Feature: "good grooming for girls" 1956 (choking/toking 32:22, fight 40:26)...short "good doggie" excerpt fom rough sex...

industrial TELEVISION #96
first aired: 3/18/01, 3/25/01

dubbed clip: the "FCC" family...the "2droogies rap" intro....Previews: Iron Monkey, psychossimo, the sensual man, my body hungers, the Libertine...(look at each other 3:59, bri: "I like it" 10:32)...arton: 8th man threat of disaster pt. 1...intro: Kung-fu crip of the week-"project A2"...(hohoho 21:19, homo fighting 26:56)
"eject the tape" bumper...ass't drive-in ads: bland insurance, cox motors, intermission, popcorn, soda, etc., carton professor snack bar, ladies free... double Features: Speech, the function of gestures 1950 & know your customer 1958 (
turning/looking 34:45, "do ya think..." 39:49, dopey close-ups 42:00, avoiding each other 49:20)
yet a few more deathcerpts: Hole in leg, Ant head, Split head...(
revulsion 55:29)

industrial TELEVISION #97
first aired: 4/01/01, 4/08/01

dubbed segment: "cop at the door/O'shaughnessy"....intro: "not homos, is it?".....Previews: Can't stop the music, rise and fall of Idi Amin, Little red riding hood & the monsters, The student body, Nest of spies, Queen boxer, scum of the earth, A weekend with strangers....("now I've seen it all" 3:49, "da bomb" 6:01, tits chant 15:51)
"bri puts tape on" bumper...topless natives from "ecco"...Jap women wrestling, Jap spy fight, sneezing contest, Samaurai tits, weather girl...(
black tap dance 18:29, chinee eating 23:17)...cartoon: 8th man "threat"...pt.2....Feature: "mental health" 1952.....A-bomb footage: 1962 sea tests, aircraft delivery....(shocking close-ups 32:57, homo bat fight 39:38, tokers 49:10, slowly turning 54:27, droogies on fire 56:30)

industrial TELEVISION #98
first aired: 4/15/01, 4/22/01

dubbed sequence: :2 young girls"...Previews: Weed of crime, The cats, Never never princess, Martin the soldier, Girl from hong kong, Jaws of death, The wild pink horse....(fake smile 3:20, "homo-sexuals?" 6:04, crazy faces w/sfx 13:27)...changing tapes mechanical like bumper...
mondo excerpts from ecco-satanic rites, Mr. pierco, miss deer-nutmunch...(
girly screams 22:16, shock 26:00)
cartoon: 8th man "threat" pt. 3...coke, intermission, snack bar, 1 min. left, hot chocolate, pizza, "it's showtime"...(scream stop 31:40, eating popcorn 37:46).....Feature: beast in heat (aka "horrifying SS experiments")...(
laughing at rape 48:01, still laughing at rape 52:02)....Jap fat chick contest, jap girls open legs....(chinee "ohhh" 56:03)

industrial TELEVISION #99
first aired: 4/29/01, 5/06/01

dubbed segment: outdoor homos "cowboys & indians"..."that guy sitting next to you..."
Previews: The tomcat, snow white & rose red, The big bad wolf, All woman, Violent professionals, Roller boogie...(
screams 4:16, homo clip of the week 9:57, droogie dance 12:46)...
short: Bana girl, Sandra's bogie, Reflections of a bathing girl, the dyke club, grandpa/fatchick...(
I like it 23:12, facial CUs 24:08, bri wink 24:55)...crusader rabbit "pirates"...(static droogies 31:21)...
Feature: "Visibility" -driver's ed film...(
droogies on fire 42:30 & 46:22)...still more deathcerpts/mondo clips: tire head/maggot stiff/midget wrestling/elephantitis (shock 53:35)/open brain/stills...guy in cirl blackface song....(the black droogie dance 56:50)

industrial TELEVISION #100
kinda like the "best of"...100th episode special! first aired: 5/13/01, 5/20/01

dubbed segment: fans Lynn & rich argue....intro: opening montages from the past-years one, 2,3 & 4...assorted promo spots and props: peppi, ted the bottle boy, chiller theatre promos, Mistres Le-Ann, killenstein, crowd shot, party promos-Frank fuckin' Dudley, Todd, Unique, "get your cat pregnant", Le-Ann pierced, Ashley, Leticia, the nut, wrestling bikers, Lynn & rich, Tim, Mike, ed the fan.
tits intro-Zena clips...Kung-fu intro-clips...gore intro-bud dwyer ventilates his head clip, black history intro-"going to heaven on a mule" sequence...dubbed intro: "behind the scenes at te supermarket"....drug intro-montage of drug clips..."awful cartoons" intro-clips...1st year intro-fun with speech sounds clown....Droogie dance with fans....."ghost bri"...Mahow Mahow....

industrial TELEVISION #101
first aired: 5/27/01, 6/03/01

dubed sequence: "strongman"....Previews: The monster of venice, Candidate for a killing, 18 in the sun, Explosion, The embalmer, She-beast, Scream bloody murder, The sinister monk, Women of devil's island, Operation yellow viper...(scream 3:20, fight 4:35, dance 5:55, more dance 13:30)...short: Manners in public ("homo" 18:55, beating the tv set 22:59, hugging 26:11)...salute to female anatomy/nude celbrity clips: Shannon Dougherty, Teri hatcher, Erika eleniak, Deanna lund....connie the dancer clip...some nude railers: The immoral, Stefania....more Connie the dancer....ass't B&W nude segments, Bety Page dream sequrnce, Pam anderson....(tits 30:07 & 57:40, dopey CUs 37:26, chinee subtitle-ed 45:35, bri-48:39)

industrial TELEVISION #102
all-droogie season finale episode! first aired: 6/10/01, 6/17/01

dubbed segment: "dad pays mom".....all the shit we dubed from episodes #84-96, 99, 100.....
all the assholic inserts we edited in and made complete fools of ourselves-

Episode 103
Aired 1/20/02

2:05 Dubbed clip "Mommy Daddy"
2:59 CAs (coming attractions) -Karate Killer, Satans Playthings, Rico, Ragan, Swamp Girl
14:48 Short - Billboards USA
19:10 Logo/Vannesa "God Bless America Promo"
19:48 Cartoon - The Happy Moose
23:55 Logo/ Feature: Highways of Agony
46:17 Logo/ Paris Topless (trailer), Mad Doctor Topless
53:02 Train Robber, Toddy, RC Cola Snack Bar Ad
54:31 Betty Page in Bondage

4:25 Kung Fu, 7:57 Look at Camera, 12:53 Shut Up and Show us You Tits!, 18:38 Ed and Bri Confused, 26:30 Scream and Stare,
34:36 Need to See Some Tits Soon, 40:24 WE WANT TITS!, 47:13 WE GOT TITS! 52:18 Droogies/Vannesa Dance 56:18 That's What I'm Talkin' About

Dusk Til Dawn 6, Lifestyles Vol. 1, Driver's Ed Scare Films 4, It's Intermission Time, 60's Go Go Chicks, (SWV), General Chaos Uncensored Animation, Betty Page in Bondage, London Enterprises LTD

Episode 104
Aired 2/1/02

1:54 Grocery Store Dub
2:13 CAs Goldielocks and the 3 Bares, Diary of a Telephone Operator, Find a Place to Die, Vault of Horror, Emerald of Artatama
13:43 Logo/Kung Fu Crip: Prince of the Sun
20:42 Cartoon: Adventures of the Mutilator
27:33 Short: Secret Miracle of Birth
39:32 Feature: To New Horizons
46:39 Logo/Excepts fro Traces of Death 3 - Bone Yard, Skull Cave, Dolphin Slaughter, Snake Love, Dead Bodies Montage, Promo Spot Spike/Logo
Blonde Black and White Stripped with Tassels and Black and White Stripper Trio

7:32 Ed punch
12:55 I wonder what Chuck Would Think/ "Chuck Like"
22:28: Oh My God/Mock Shock
27:32 That Guy's a Homo
33:28 Education/Entertainment
40:04 & 40:43 'Tard Dance
49:42 Lap Doobs
55:55 Ass Dance

Episode 105
Aired 2/24/02
Annual Salute to Black History Month

1:56 BHM Dubbed Clip, Black Droogie Intro
2:26 CAs Trick Baby, Shaft in Africa, Black Jack, Tomasina and Bushrod, Honey Baby
13:20 Logo/Black Droogie Intro/The Negro Farmer (Short)
26:21 Cartoon: Amos and Andy - The Lion Tamer
35:26 Feature: The Black Bunch

3:42 Peace Out
5:42 Shaft Theme
6:55 Bad Mutha Fucka
9:42 Dilly Yo
15:21 Cotton Picking
18:57 Boy
25:15 Farm Tools
29:06 Dancing
41:60 Sistas are Fine
47:12 Find Bush
49:36 …Except me
52:56 Guns
56:53 Diamonds?!

Episode 106
Aired 3/17/02

2:39 Distressed Housewife Dubbed
3:24 CAs Obscene House, Sting of the Dragon Masters, When Tae Kwon Do Strikes, Teenage Sex Report
12:38 Short - Planing a Party
22:27 Promo Spot with Angel and Kitty
23:03 Short - Generic Logos for New Revolution (courtesy Michael Schenck, mikeschenck@hotmail.com)
26:40 Cartoon - Cupid gets his Man
34:15 Promo/Feature: Leave it to Roll-Oh
43:31 Logo/ Local Toy Store Ad, Mission Orange, Exercise Club, Candy Bars, Ratings Explanation, Family Refreshments, Druggist, Family Snack
50:27 Except from Eurofetish

4:15 That's What I'm Talking About
8:04 (Chuck) Wiry Slopes
9:38 (Chuck) I Like Kung Fu
11:20 Vannesa in the way
14:18 Show us your fucking tits!
18:50 They're all Homos
28:36 Laughing
32:27 (Chuck) I'd Pummel 'em
37:05 Confused
40:20 Black Face CU
48:38 Smoking Doobs
53:46 Double Take

Episode 107
Aired 3/31/02

2:15 CAs: Nudes on Tiger Reef, There's Always Vanilla, A Murder Is…, Nudist Life, Slaughter In San Francisco/Logo
13:50 "Can't Show This" Bumper, Japanarama: Giant Rat, Sprite, Man vs Woman, Toilet Deodorizer, Balance Date, Kiss Commercial/Logo
20:32 Bumper - Bri makes Ed disappear
21:04 Commercials: Frito Bandito, Fright Factory, Johnny Astro, Scrubble Bubble, Shake-a-Puddin, Sound-O-Power, Slaptrap
26:19 "Still Watching Promo/Log"
26:56 Short: Your Body During Adolescence, Promo Spot: Three Girls/Logo
38:10 Feature: Conversations for a Dollar
56:18 Cartoon: Opening Night/Logo
57:57 Gore Scene from Anthropophagus 2000

3:15 (Chuck) Fucking Homo
4:10 "Stoned" Lap Doobs
7:22 I have no idea
10:18 (Chuck) Nice Ass!
11:57 Bri punches Ed
16:17 I don't get this - I do
27:47 Who, Me?
34:07 Retarded laughing
46:26 Rap Posturing
53:06 That's exactly the way I feel
56:54 What would you do, Chuck?

Episode 108
Aired 4/14/02 - One eek Only
Director's Cut/Special Edition of #5

1:33 Marihuana
5:22 Spook Show Ads
7:40 Invasion of the Blood Farmers
9:34 Cartoon: Spunky and Tadpole
16:55 Feature: Trip to Where
55:57 Smoky Bear, PG&E, Reagan Boraxo Commercials

3:40 Retarded Dance
4:20 Look Behind
5:50 Black Face "She's fine"
9:37 Breaking TV set
12:00 He's a Homo!
15:58 That was the worst
18:12 Ed Stoned
22:34 Looking Up
23:56 Screams
25:46 What Do You Think Chuck? (Chuck) More Stripper Broads / Vannesa Strips
31:25 Chuck Screams
32:04 (Chuck) I'd Fuck Her!
35:26 Can't read my own writing on log sheet, but there is another insert here
39:20 Smoking
45:52 Wild Applause
51:30 Demonic Laughs
53:33 Farting

Episde 109
Aired 4/21/02

1:38 Dubbed sequence "Porno Shop"
2:14 CAs: Eves on Skis, Cry Onion, Nightmare Castle, Kill or Be Killed, Kill and Kill Again
22:54 Logo/Ashley Promo/Short: ABCs of Babysitting/Logo
47:36 Feature: Freedom to Love (1969)/Logo
49:30 Phone Messages
56:00 Excerpts from Anthropophagus 2000

3:56 Cold and shivering
5:12 Eeeewwwww!
10:10 Kung Fu Zoom
11:44 (Chuck) I like Kung Fu
19:29 Chuck Screams
26:39 Cowering in chairs
31:16 (Chuck) Stop asking me!
34:15 What the fuck?!
36:50 (Coughing) ::fag, homo::
39:00 Enough with the homos! (Jewish)
40:22 She's a Homo!
45:07 Dancing with Vannesa
54:53 No way! Are you Out of your Mind?!

Episode 110
Aired 5/5/02

1:38 Surfer Guy (dub)
3:18 CAs: Duel of Fire, Dessert Renegades, The Swamp Girls, All the Loving Couples, The Buddha Assassination/Logo
17:54 Heavy Metal Clip Intro/Danzig: "Mother"/Logo
24:58 "Blind Bidding" Spot
29:04 Cartoon: The Evil Cat Goes to Washington (courtesy of Walter Santucci/Evil Cat Productions)
44:11 Feature: Ride to Live, Live to Ride, (Driver's Ed Scare Films, Vol. 4 ), Nude Fashion Show, Excepts from Blaze Starr goes Nudist

3:45 Stills of us
7:13 TV Blows Up
9:39 Can't take watching this
12:50 She's a Homo!
16:34 Kung Fu Punch
21:17 Praying
23:25 Vannesa asks Chuck, Chuck says, "This show sucks!"
31:24 Bri wakes Ed
34:21 I'd do her
40:15 Laughing
43:20 More Laughing
43:30 Snap at each other
46:20 (Chuck) What do ya got, a death wish?
53:48 That guy's a homo/ Vannesa-"I think these guys are homos."

Episode 111
Aired 5/19/02

Opening/Punk Kids Intro/Promo
2:09 CAs: Super Argo vs. Diabolicus, Sister Street Fighter, Cop Haters, Ann and Eve, The Runaway, Son of Samson/Logo
28:10 Kung Fu Crip: Master of the Flying Guillotine/Promo Spot/ Logo, Cigarette commercials: Kool, Madison, Paxton, Spring
32:00 Cartoon: Pussy the Red Nosed Reindeer (courtesy of Walter Santucci/Evil Cat Productions) Promo Spot/ Ed Dance/Logo
35:24 Feature: Hemp for Victory
50:00 More Phone Messages/Logo/Betty Page Filler at End

3:40 (Chuck) Put me in a movie!
4:58 EJOE!
7:32 Looking Left
10:57 Tuna Taster
13:40 I don't get it
15:15 That's what I'm Talkin' about!
20:00 Boredom/Shock
24:10 Kung Fu Zoom
29:50 Looking Left to right
38:37 Look up at camera
39:50 Smoking Doobs
41:56 Intermission for Vannesa
48:14 Still Smoking Doobs

Episode 112
Aired 6/2/02

1:44 Nude Tele-dub
2:28 CAs: The Naked Countess, The Swedish Wife Exchange, Up Your Alley, Hot Spur, Calendar Pin Up Girls/Logo
16:46 Vannesa/Logo/Cartoon: Deepest Sympathy
23:47 Assorted Anime Trailers/Logo/Elm Manor hotel
29:20 Feature: Bunny Yeager's Nude Camera
48:20 Logo/ "Slant Poon Crip"/Logo
55:39 Excerpt from the World of Flesh

3:08 Tongues wagging
11:44 I'd Fuck Her!
18:30 Stills (Vannesa w/Droogies)
20:35 Election
25:54 We Like Tits!
31:13 Agreeing
37:25 Demonic Laughing
43:52 Chuck Like!
50:59 Kung Fu Shill
57:41 Wild Applause

The Twisted Sex Vol. 21; Nudie Cuties Vol. 100 (SWV), General Chaos Uncensored Animation (Neva Animation), Me So Horny

Episode 113
Aired 6/18/02

6th Season Finale
Special All Droogie Edition
All the Openings, Promos, Graphics, dubbed sequences, inserts that we ever did in this whole season, one after another. Plus rare outtakes and unseen footage that we were too stoned to log…… hey cut us some slack. Do you think it is easy to do a show every two weeks on POT?!

Episode 114
Aired 6/30/02
Special Edition/Director's Cut of Episode #7 with new Inserts

4:20 Clap/Applause
5:20 Coughs
8:58 Shock
13:55 Disgust
15:40 Logo
18:00 Dopey/Stoned CU
19:30 "Worst" bumper between episodes
22:30 Logo
26:39 We want tits!
28:48 He's a Homo!
31:51 Intermission for Tits
34:30 Confused
37:51 What would Chuck do?
38:54 'Tards
41:50 I'd Fuck Her!
43:23 That guy's a HOMO?!
47:00 Snap at each other
49:20 Agreeing
50:29 Terror Screams (looking at each other)
53:30 Dance

Episode 115
Aired 10/5/02
7th Season Premiere

Opening (Backwards)
2:09 CAs: Phantomas, Girls are for Lovn', Trip with Teacher, Mother Goose A Go Go, Viva Django
14:07 Logo/Commercials: Quisp and Quake, Mini Dragon Thing Maker, Mattel M-16, Action Highway, Super City, Drive-In Ads: Patriotic, (something, but can't read log notes), Church, Replace Speaker
20:02 Logo/Cartoon: The Instigators (courtesy of Walter Santucci/Evil Cat Productions)
23:10 Short: Treat Her With Care/Logo
32:50 Feature: Narcotics Part 1, Goof Balls and Tea
52:59 Nudie loop: A Midsummer Night

9:33 Get Her!
12:29 Fight
16:31 I gotta get me one of those
21:26 Holding Noses PU
24:01 Woman has Juggs
26:33 Fingers in Ears
27:07 And two tits!
34:20 Hophead
36:15 Dance
42:39 "Tards
49:18 Tokin'
53:33 Finally, Some Tits!

Episode 116
Aired: 10/20/02

2:02 CAs: Marsha, The Erotic Housewife, Teenage Mother, The Woman Hunt, High School Big Shot, Deep Thrust
14:42 Short: Beyond Human Tolerance
22:40 Cartoon: Little Annie's Fanny
30:00 Feature: It's Everybody's Business
45:40 Bum Fights excepts/Monster and the Maiden
55:00 Fat Threesome

5:21 Dance
8:25 Disgust
10:14 Rape
14:00 Punch
17:57 Sick
23:35 Anime-rection
26:54 Laughing
30:30 Jump Cuts/Bad Print
35:13 Surprised Close Ups
37:39 He said Plow
38:57 Po' White Trash
43:10 Go Fuck Yourself
50:09 No Fuckin' Way
53:00 Lustful Snickering

Human Guinea Pigs (Jaguar Home Video), Dirty Cartoons Vol.5 (Hollywood Video) Nudie Cuties Vol. 100, Lifestyles USA Vol. 10 (SWV), House that Black Built

Episode 117
Aired 11/3/02
Special Halloween Episode

Opening/Turdlings of Earth Dub
2:22 CAs: The Nesting, Shriek of the Mutilated, Frankenstein Conquers the World, War of the Gargantuans, Texas Chainsaw Radio Spot, Night of the Lepus/Short: Gorilla and the Maiden, Except from "I Was a Teenage Strangler"
23:52 Feature: The Curious Dr. Hummpp/Logo
35:19 Excerpt from Monster at Camp Sunshine
56:00 Commercials: Chocolate Chip Cookies and Forbidden Planet


3:20 Whhhhhaaaat?!
8:40 Looking at each other
18:10 Bri Rolls Eyes
21:06 Enough already with the Homos!
31:50 Sleeping
36:52 Tokin'
41:06 "Greatest Video I ever saw!"
47:45 Oh no… The Monster!
51:29 Jesus Fucking Christ
57:04 Gimme somma dat

Nudie Cuties Vol. 100, Curious Dr. Hummpp, Kids Commercials Vol.4 (SWV), I was a Teenage Strangler (Tempe Video)

Episode 118
Aired 11/24/02

Opening/Mommy's a Whore Dub
2:18 CAs: The Models, Mighty Ursus, Alone Against Rome, Revolt in the Big House, The Dragon Flies, Dynamo, Five Deadly Venoms/Logo
14:27 Short: Acts of Courtesy (1954)/Logo/ Commercials: Dick Van Dyke Kent, Benson and Hedges, Flintstones Winston, Lucky Strikes, Drive-In Ads: Three Minutes Left, Intermission time, Refreshment Stand, Animated guy, Oscar Hornsby, Meadow Park Apartments, Skate Arena, Wade Motor Company
33:02 Feature: Help Wanted/Logo
51:40 Short: Chained Genie

3:20 Welcome to my world
4:38 I wish I'd said that
10:50 No Fuckin' Way
13:19 Kung Fu Reactions
16:49 Dat bitch be hot!
20:36 Ed Sleeps/Bri Dopey Close Up
22:59 Ed Dopey Close Up/Flipping the Bird
25:39 Holy Shit
28:13 You could use somma dat
30:59 Dopey Dance
34:00 Crying
35:20 … and a nice ass
39:09 Taking Notes
46:00 That bitch is scaring me
50:15 Like a boy scout
51:50 Adults Only Bumper
53:50 Now that's a pair of tits

Nudie Cuties Vol. 100, It's Intermission Time 5, Cigarette Commercials, Campy Classroom Classics Vol. 3, Twisted Sex 21 (SWV)

Episode 119
Aired 12/01/02

Opening dub: "1-a-day" kid
02:20 CAs: The specialist, 2,000 years later, Devil's angels, Lady Kung-Fu, Queen Boxer, The Sexperts, The Reluctant Sadist
14:25 Cartoon: "Fick and Fack"
18:24 Short: excerpt from "Human Guinea Pigs"
29:04 Music Video: "Follow the Bleeder" by Tribe of Anger (2droogies produced!!!)
33:22 excerpt from "Build-a-Bong"
42:17 excerpt from "Bumfights"
53:52 excerpts form "60's Go-Go Chicks"

03:35 because he's a homo
05:05 Jesus fuckin' Christ!
06:44 Tard dance
08:24 Bri Tokes
10:45 Bri hits Ed
13:05 "That's the story of my life" (Ed)
16:25 laughs
23:05 Ed close-up
27:40 Bri slo-mo
36:19 "You know what that means"
39:40 taking notes
44:44 turning, looking at camera
51:41 whaaaat!?
55:37 "Now that's a pair of tits!"

Dusk til dawn drive-in trasharama #7, The Twisted Sex #21 (SWV)…Dirty Toons vol. 5 (Hollywood home video)…Human Guinea Pigs-Jaguar Home Video….Bumfights footage courtesy Bumfights.com….. "Build-a-Bong" courtesy Alabama country boy productions

Episode 120
Aired 12/15/02….a not-very-special Christmas episode

Opening/Schlomo dub
02:35 CAs: Gladiators 7, Mondo Teeno, Sex & the Teenager, Triple Irons, Devil Woman, Mundo Depravados
18:25 Newsreel excerpt: "The Christmas Story"
20:40 Cartoon: "Christmas Night" (The Little King)
28:33 Short: "Surprise for Santa"
37:44 Feature: "Talking of Tomorrow"
48:08 Jackson house, weather card girl, Jerry's Pie, Buddy's liquors, fertilizer ad
50:37 "Little Genitalia" (animated short)…."Jane on a Train" (nudie short)….Chesterfield Kings ad

04:40 waking Ed
05:40 screams
06:10 Bri growls (slant reaction)
09:12 "Because you're a homo"
12;20 Kung-Fu punches
14:30 "we sure do!"
19:08 flippin' the bird
22:50 "enough with the homos"
32:54 "finally…tits"
35:35 "Oy, vat a tukas!"
41;24 "He said doody"
48:13 "Smell this…"
52:11 more laughs
56:07 "Dat bich be hot!"

Cartoon Crazies: Banned & Censored (Winstar Video)…The 60's vol. 3 (Columbia River Entertainment group)…Nudie Cuties #100, Lifestyles USA vol. 10, drive-in trasharama #7, It's intermission time #7, Martial Arts Mayhem, The Twisted Sex #21 (SWV)…Japanarama

Episode 121
Aired 1/26/03

Opening/"Old office scene" dub
02:36 CAs: Sex & the College Girl, Weekend Wives, Groupies, Venus in Furs, invasion of the Bee Girls, Together, Erika's Hot Summer, Fearless Fighters
20:30 "Try this" (Bumper)…short: "Pioneers in vertical flight"
31:08 excerpt from "Tokyo young Babes vol. 3"
39:21 Anime primer
42:35 Feature: "Don't be afraid"
54:02 more excerpts from "60's Go-Go chicks"

04:25 "Where's the tits?"
06:10 droogie dance
09:25 "I wish I'd thought of that"
11:11 "Because he's a homo"
12;13 "No it ain't"
14:31 "finally, some tits"
16:18 "Now that's a pair of tits"
22:51 "enough with the homos"
26:40 "welcome to my world"
34:00 Kung-Fu leering/E-JOE!
38:29 more kung-fu leering
43:20 "You know what that means"
45:06 Bri rolls eyes
49:03 "That bitch is scaring me"
52:00 go fuck yourself
52:56 "we sure do"
56:06 Ed Leers
56:38 more of the droogie dance

60's Go-Go chicks, Lifestyles USA vol. 10, drive-in trasharama #7, It's intermission time #7, Martial Arts Mayhem, The Twisted Sex #21 (SWV)… Tokyo young Babes vol. 3…Lady Blue (Anime 18)…

Episode 122 - annual salute to Black History Month
Aired 2/09/03

Opening/"Civil Rights" dub
2:37 CAs: The Mack, Cleopatra Jones, Let's do it again, Which way is up?, Black Dragon, Black Sammauri
13:53 Cartoon: Moe Bass…..Short: Cotton Watts
20:25 Black lesbian action
24:50 Feature: The Black Gestapo
40:18 Black topless dancer, Selma march, watts Riots, Alabama Negroes, Washington march, African body painted dancer, more black lesbian action.

4:30 "Muther fukka!"
7:15 Fighting
9:31 "Shee-it!"
12:10 Slap
14:51 "Doh!"
17:01 Dancing
22:51 "Sweet hot chocolate"
25:35 "…Mac from night court"
25:50 "Sieg heil, mutha fukka"
28:03 Chicken eating
29:23 "Dey's fucked her!"
29:35 "Here comes de gestapo"
30:22 Flicking knives
32:40 "…Heh heh honky!"
33:17 "Vengence…"
33:47 "Mo' bigga butts"
34:14 "Don't be coverin' does titses"
35:00 "…vengence"
36:39 "Black Rambo"
38:24 Fight reaction
44:59 Drinkin'
55:26 Dancin'
57:38 Tokin'

Black Gestapo (Diamond Entertainment)…Martial arts mayhem, 60's Go-Go chicks, Afros-Macks & Zodiacs (SWV)…Moe Bass courtesy of Evil Cat Animation….Cotton Watts (Image Ent.)…The 60's vol. 3,4 (Columbia River Ent. Group)….Shake it baby-shake it (Caballero DVD)…Sistas on the wild side (West coast prod.)

Episode 123
Aired 2/23/03

Opening/RFK dub
2:00 CAs: End of the road, The Touchables, 3 in the Attic, Snakefist Fighter, The Daisy Chain
17:47 Short: Trouble in paradise
29:04 Feature: Sex ed for train-ables
47:56 Commercials: Talking Barbie, Buster Keaton Alka-Seltzer, Sonar Sub-Hunt, Cheese, Campbell's tomato soup
53:14 Short: Night at the interlude

3:40 Tokin'
6:50 Quick cuts inserts
9:00 "Faggit"
15:09 Yawning
16:30 "That's Us!"
17:52 Dancin'
19:41 "More tits"
20:14 "Monster of inflation"
25:05 "…Up, up, up"
29:59 "train-ables!?"
31:00 Cock euphemisms
34:00 "…tits, you retards!"
34:20 "Cock!"
36:31 "That's the hole I'm interested in"
39:00 "it just happened to me!"
40:10 "Fucking"
42:00 "Now blow me, mom"
44:00 "Oh, WE'LL help her"
45:17 "To you"
48:32 "He's a homo!"
51:10 "Gotta get me one of those"
52"59 Heartwarming looks
54:45 Mouths agape

"train-ables" courtesy Terry's world of far-out videos…. Lifestyles USA vol. 10, drive-in trasharama #7, It's intermission time #7, Martial Arts Mayhem, The Twisted Sex #21, Kid's Commercials, 60's Go-Go chicks (SWV)… The 60's vol. 3 (Columbia River Ent. Group)….

Episode 124
Aired 3/09/03
Opening/Family Daughter dub
3:12 Tibbie X intro: CAs: The Thrill Seekers, How to seduce a Woman, Blue Money, One Swedish Summer, Chinatown Lord, Deep Thrust, The Dragon Flies, Dynamo, 5 Deadly Venoms
15:10 Strange erotic animation excerpt/Striptease
18:47 Short: Marijuana: The Hidden Danger
27:17 Feature: The Beast the killed Women
41:45 Commercials: Jingle Jump, Johnny Quest/P.F. Flyers, Claude Kirshner/3 Musketeers
50:54 Cigarette Commercials: Winston, Benson & Hedges, Scripto Lighters
53:54 excerpts from "Bumfights"

4:26 "…it's duty"
5:50 Homo
7:30 Out of sync dialog
9:38 "That's us!"
11:15 Gay dance
14:50 Droog-Fu
19:50 Taking notes
20:40 "Damage to Brain" close-ups
22:00 "That's you!" (Ed)
24:00 "Go fuck yourself"
29:00 (Chuck) "Throw you down"
35:00 Scared screaming
40:30 "I'm outta here"
46:00 Leering for food
52:00 (Chuck) "Sorry excuse…"

Bumfights footage courtesy of Bumfights.com….. Dirty Toons vol. 5 (Hollywood home video)…Beast that killed women, Martial Arts Mayhem, The Twisted Sex #21, Kid's Commercials, Cigarette Commercials (SWV)

Episode 125
Aired 3/23/03

2:15 CAs: Free-White and 21, The Stewardesses, Bela Lugosi meets a Brooklyn Gorilla, She Demons, Master Killer, Queen Boxer, Sacred Knives of vengence, The 3 avengers, Love in 3D, The Teenage Trap, Matinee Wives
19:31 Short: Care of the Skin
30:02 "Tard spasm" excerpt
33:18 Feature: "The Turkish Star Wars"
53:08 NYB Video (A 2Droogies production)

2:30 "Tits!"
5:20 phone gag w/dubbing
11:16 Tibbie/Ed kung-fu
13:59 Looking at each other
19:15 "No it ain't!"
22:00 "Ewwww!"
28:45 "He must be a homo"
32:14 "Retards" (Tibbie X)
34:25 Bad dubbing (Bri)
40:19 Bad King-Fu
45:56 Mouths agape
46:39 "I wish I'd said that!"
50:14 "Wahhht?"

The Turkish Star Wars courtesy of SHOCKING VIDEOS…."Tard Spasm" courtesy of Terry's World of Far-Out videos…. Bela Lugosi meets a Brooklyn Gorilla, She Demons (Image Entertainment)….Campy Classroom Classics, Martial Arts Mayhem, drive-in trasharama #7, The Twisted Sex #21 (SWV)

Episode 126
Aired 4/06/03
Tibbie X intro/Opening
2:29 Nude Ranch dubbed clip…CAs: Whiskey Mountain, Road Racers, Cain's Way, Love is a four letter word, Cry uncle!, Triple Irins, Devil Woman, Dragons never Die
19:39 Excerpt: Japanese Suicide Club….Music Video: Hammerfall: "Hearts on Fire"
25:36 Short: PIG
35:48 Feature: The American Family
52:18 The Nude Ranch

3:37 Explosion
4:50 Eating Furiously
6:14 RAPE
10:58 Applause
14:09 Go ____ yourself
17:34 Kung-Fu sound efx
19:30 Kung-Fu freeze
23:30 "Please no!"
29:26 "that guy's definitely a homo"
32:10 Yawns
38:50 "We'll help her"
45:00 "yeah, right"
51:44 Heartwarming looks
53:59 Tibbie beats Ed

Suicide Club clip courtesy Terry's World of Far-Out videos…"PIG" courtesy of CULT EPICS…. Nudie Cuties 100, Campy Classroom Classics, Martial Arts Mayhem, drive-in trasharama #7 (SWV)….Hammerfall video (Nuclear blast Records)….

Episode 127
Aired 4/20/03
VD dub "Annie eczema"
CAs: Django kills silently, Pigeons, Monster from green hell, The flying saucer,
Suburban Wives, Take all you can get.
"Slant Poon Crip of week"…
Cartoon: Crusader Rabbit
Out-dated Cig commercials: Paxton, Spring, York….PF Flyers, Choc. Chip cookies, Test track.
VD: Sex hygiene (army training film)
Excerpt from "Tard spasm"
Clips from "wobble" at the end.

2:44 screams
3:30 screaming holding ears
5:47 "cut"
7:30 "No fuckin' way"
9:32 shock what
11:25 "Hmmmm"
13:29 "now that's a pair of tits"
15:21 "and 2 tits"
19:20 "Tokyo young meat"
23:34 subnormal B&W still
29:12 mutherfukka
33:04 "they might be homos"
37:58 "that's you"
38:33 spit take
42:30 CU of menacing Ed
43:26 Bri tokes
48:24 ed sleeps
48:35 bri sleeps
52:00 tards
56:03 (Chuck) "show more homos"

Episode 128
Aired 5/04/03
Blackboard dub
CAs: Shanghai killers, 5,000 for el cisco, The butterfly, Hot frustrations, Crawling eye
Bumper: Tibbie fights ed…..short promo: "Hunting for Herschell"
Excerpt from "Jack and the beanstalk"
Condensed feature: "The dangerous years"
Kung-fu crip: Iron monkey 2 excerpt
Various intermission ads

3:07 "Tiger claw" (kung-fu reaction)
5:58 evil laughs
9:20 answering NO?!
12:46 more tits!
18:20 "That's us!"
25:50 "anime-rection"
29:00 that guy's a homo
31:26 retard ed
37:30 toking/choking
42:22 "tough shit!"
46:09 tibbie crip of week
48:23 tibbie kung-fus ed
50:25 ed & bri-fu

"Once upon a girl" - courtesy of Shocking Videos
"Hunting for Herschell" - courtesy Bride of Hamlet prod.
Teenage turmoil vol. 3, It's intermission time, Drive-in trashOrama….Something Weird Video
"Iron Monkey" - tai seng video

Episode 129
Aired 5/18/03
"Kid and teacher" dubbed segment
CAs: JOE, Loving & laughing, The swimming pool, Atlantis the lost continent,
Vive la muerte, Shogun assassin, Chinese Hercules
Steve Zodiac sings……
Animation: "jack & the beanstalk" part 2
Website and party plugs
Short: "design for living"
Condensed feature: "miracles of life"
Betty Page - "escape out of bondage"
Various intermission ads & abstract backgrounds
Party spot

4:00 Bleep!
5:30 the finger
5:44 bowing
9;54 thank yous
16:05 kung-fu flight
19:30 the droogie dance
24:00 big dick reaction - "fucking"
28:51 ballerina dance
33:25 applause
37:07 heartwarming looks
42:38 nudge nudge
48:00 nudge
52:06 puke

Hollywood's attic
Lifestyles USA vol. 1, sex hygiene films vol. 4, Martial arts mayhem, It's intermission time, Drive-in trashOrama….Something Weird Video
"fireball xl5 - A&E home video
"vive la muerte" - courtesy of Cult Epics
"Once upon a girl" - courtesy of Shocking Videos

Episode 130
Aired 6/01/03 "mostly nude edition"
Bondage & discipline dubbed segment
CAs: The hard road, Prison girls in 3D, Commuter husbands, The Minx, Masquerade, Pure love…
Short: "expose of the nudist racket"
Animation: "cinderlla" part 1
Ass't nudity froom DVDs
Excerpt from Nudie Cuties

2:40 "iTv will"
3:02 tokin' (do not attempt)
4:50 still (ed/bri)
6:23 "he's a homo!"
10:24 dopey ed
11:56 leering bri
13:41 ed wakes bri
18:41 "Golden bozos"
22:20 "all nipple"
25:13 "Whoooa"
28:57 laughs
30:20 wow-wow-wow reaction
34:03 "fairy tail"
38:49 "flesh zeppelins"
40:15 swollen floppers
43:05 ed jerks
45:05 "horse face"
49:19 stop touching yourself!
49:43 stop licking yourself!
54:02 "flapjacks"
56:52 stop touching 2

sources: (see end of episode)

Episode 131 season finale "all droogie episode - year 7"
Aired 6/15/03
Intro - party spots
All the shittily dubbed openings - year 7
Al the assholistic inserts - year 7
More assholistic inserts - year 7
Out-takes, bumpers, and assorted unused shit - year 7

(summer "best of" reruns played until late Sept.)

Episode 132 8th season premiere
Aired 9/21/03

"projector family" dubbed segment
CAs: Night call nurses, UFO: target earth, The Family, Fugitive Girls, Kung-Fu: Punch of Death, "Keep TV free" theater ad/propaganda
Short: "LSD: A Case Study"
Fallout Shelter TV spots (2)
"The Atomic Blonde" (girly loop)
animation: "Little red riding hood"
condensed feature: "Kwaheri"
slant poon crip
promotion: Bybars

2:20 the finger
5:05 phone leering
6:33 "look chuck…" (chuck) "Finally I'm in one of these…"
7:28 "See what happens…" (chuck)
8:40 C.U.s of us during "pimp", "drug dealer" lines
10:56 "Oh boy, lesbians" (chuck)
13:30 kung-fu punches
18:56 screams
19:03 double take
21:59 nuke blast
27:10 bouncing breasts
28:38 "chuck likes tits"
35:43 cocks
38:06 "yeah, they're men, alright"
43:44 "just another night in da projects"
52:03 "he's a homo"
55:48 C.U.s - confused

Dusk till dawn trashorama vol. 7, Martial arts mayhem, Kwaheri…. Something weird video
Educational archives - Fantoma video…."Once upon a girl" -courtesy Shocking Videos…. Tokyo young babes vol.14 (fantadream ent.)

Episode 133
Aired 10/05/03
Opening family dub
CAs: The Manhandlers, Little red riding hood, Journey to the beginning of time,
Secret agent fireball, Opium eater, Sabu & the magic ring, The Soul hustler, Road to salina
"award winning" bumper
short: "Fallout"
animation: "Little red riding hood" (part 2)
condensed feature: "for want of a seatbelt"
old cereal commercials: Pep, Maltex, Puffa puffa rice, Lone Ranger-Cheerios
"square-up reel" from Sex & Buttered popcorn

2:44 "little tits"
4:30 screams
6:15 C.U. of ed during "the mammoth"
7:30 mock shock
9:47 "no way…." (etc.)
13:14 crash reaction
13:48 toke
15:16 yawning to nudity
15:50 "vat da phuck" (jewish)18:49 "me? …Us?"… (pointing)
19:30 Nuke blast
21:37 covering up ("you will be hurt")
24:58 vomit
28:03 "wot da fuk?!" (us & chuck)
30:52 "fuck yeah!"
34:33 hard laugh
37:13 look out for the homo
37:36 what da fuk is dat?
38:50 "you could use one of those"
40:34 "aahhh!' (discovery)
41:31 "…much too violent"
42:38 "shut-up & show tits!"
46:00 nope
48:26 crying
51:58 the tongue
55:16 "No we mean big tits"

"sex and buttered popcorn" … courtesy VCI Entertainment
"Once upon a girl" -courtesy Shocking Videos
Dusk till dawn trashorama vol. 7, Martial arts mayhem, Driver's ed scare films…. Something weird video
Commercials: Video Resources

Episode 134 - "not-so-special Halloween special"
Aired 10/19/03
Opening dubbed segment
CAs: Tales of the Bizarre, Beast of the yellow night, Daughter of darkness, The Dead one, The Giant leeches, The Virgin Witch, The Brainiac, Invisible invaders, Journey to the 7th planet, Beast of Blood, brain of Blood, Raiders of the Living Dead, Don't look in the basement.
Animation: Roger Ramjet: "TV Crisis"
Commercials: Frankenberry, Count Chocula, Kooky spooky Ghosts
Spook show ads: Fri the 13th show, Can you take it?, Spasmitus, Insect-O-thon, Shiver & Shudder show, House of teror spookshow
Excerpt: "The untitled star wars mockumentary"
Condensed feature: "Battle Royale"
More horror CAs: vampire people, It conquered the world, Feast of flesh, Wild wild planet.

2:17 "because he's a homo"
5:00 "whaaaaat?"
7:15 lesbians
11:20 "virgins are hard to find"
13:00 bri's tongue (Brainiac)
15:20 "mee too"
17:44 chuck loves violence
19:50 "vegetated" (sleeping)
24:20 dopey shock
26:04 "potato salad" (laughs, then stop)
28:05 tards
32:52 fight
36:39 dopey screams again
40:50 C.U. s of us
47:05 still more dopey screams
49:26 gloy shit (chuck)
51:37 gay screams
53:28 "what a bitch"
56:19 "oh, shut up"

Shiver and shudder show, Dusk till dawn trashorama vol. 7 …..something weird
"Battle Royale" - courtesy terry's world of far-out videos
"Untitled Star Wars mockumentary' - courtesy Damon Packard/Pookie Films

Episode 135
Aired 11/02/03
Family with daughter dub
CAs: angles die hard, private duty nurses, The Stepdaughter, Heroes among heroes, Vampire's coffin, Aztec Mummy vs. the robot, Psycho a-go-go
Short: "Human growth"
Animation: "x-rated cinderella"
Commercials: "Drive safely", Goodyear, Corn Flakes, Kellogs-navy frogmen
Feature: "we make butter"
Bumper: "gotta get some new shit"
1970's House of Milan bondage excerpts

2:30 "kill the pigs'
4:30 the finger
5:56 decaying laughs
8:40 …"a bad movie"
11:50 kung-fu fight reaction
15:50 dancing
19:50 "I don't know" (3X)
27:30 raising hands
28:20 chink reaction
32:15 "hunters.." you're a homo
35:22 crash reaction
40:25 silent conversation
42:42 gay dancing
43;30 "looks like shit"
47;27 "Ah-Ha!"
49:25 "I know how to do that"
52:25 quick cuts
55:24 slow introspective zooms

Shiver and shudder show, Dusk till dawn trashorama vol. 7, campy classroom classics …..something weird
"Once upon a girl" -courtesy Shocking Videos
commercials - video resources
House of Milan bondage footage - courtesy Phil the fan

Episode 136
Aired 11/16/03
Opening hospital dub
CAs: The Witches curse, The Terrornauts, House of missing girls, Slash-Blade of death, The Ski Bum, Clint-Nevada's loner, Cockfight.
Short: Nuclear testing 1946-1950
Short: "The bottle and the throttle"
Kung-fu crip of week
Condensed feature: "another man's family"
Commercials: 1960 Ford, Dodge Granny, Nash, Kellog's old west kit, Superman-sugar smacks, Adam West - Frosted Flakes, Clackers.
Excerpt: "They wear no clothes"

2:54 laughing - then stop
4:39 "unless we find some better movies"
6:16 looking at each other
7:05 ed-fu
12:15 "yes!" (bri)
13:17 ducking shots
15:27 "fags" (chuck)
19:39 "no, not us"
21:05 the pointer
27:50 "…no!"
29:33 kung-fu flight
36:28 "shut up…tits"
40:09 sleeping with cigarettes
43:00 "Oh shit"
47:50 fire with the red gel
49:00 looking over heads
55:53 "us too!"

Nuclear aspects of SAC delivery
Shiver and shudder show, Dusk till dawn trashorama vol. 7, Driver's ed scare films,
Kids TV commercials, martial arts mayhem, campy classroom classics …..something weird video
"sex and buttered popcorn" … courtesy VCI Entertainment
commercials: video resources

Episode 137
Aired 12/14/03
Opening dub: "family praying"
CAs: Hey - let's twist, 200 Motels, The sister-in-law, The Student Nurses, The hand of Orlok, Devil's Three
Commercials: No-Cal soda, Kool-Aid (Bugs Bunny), Buick Wildcat, Shredded Wheat, Capt. Midnite/Kix.
Almost animation: Diver Dan: "Treasure Ship"
Dick York Theater: "The Shy Guy"
Excerpt from "Nawty Girl Tonite"
Girly loop: "Girl in a cage"

2:50 dance
7:34 tokin'
9:16 catfight
13:08 "I got that problem too"
15:32 He's a homo
20:05 more dancing
23:35 asleep w/cigs again
25:13 "now that's more like it"
34:11 wot da fuck (chuck)
40:32 "who?…us?"
43:11 bored
45:25 "of course"
48:54 tit applause
52:08 tit bobble
55:13 frozen shock

Diver Dan - Hollywood's attic
Rock N Roll Rumble, Lifestyles USA, Shiver and shudder show, Dusk till dawn trashorama vol. 7, Driver's ed scare films,
Kids TV commercials, martial arts mayhem, SWV sampler, campy classroom classics …..something weird video
Other commercials: video resources
"Nawty Girl Tonite" - Courtesy Nawtygirl.com

Episode 138
Aired 12/28/03
Opening dub: "kid with shade"
CAs: Werewolf in the girl's dormitory, Corridors of Blood, Jaws of the Dragon,
The Wild Riders, Musical Mutiny, Get yourself a college girl, Rock-Baby-Rock It, Mutiny in Outer Space.
Music video: "American song" knuckle sandwich
"Crack Hoes Gone Wild"
excerpt: "many taboos of death" piercing/Morgue
animation: "a man with a plan"
condensed feature: "Sudden Birth"
girly loop: "Hollywood script girl"
Kung-Fu Crips: "5 Deadly Venoms"
HOM bondage clips

2:04 gay screams
4:27 mock shock
5:03 r a p e
7:02 "try 'em on…lotion in basket"
9:26 (holding ears) "shut-Up!"
12:08 laughing
12:50 confused at the Belew twins
14:0 ed the tard
17:51 dancing
20:14 sudden awakening -ed
23:13 slow zoom - bri
28:20 "exactly!"
33:00 confused-chuckle
34:30 dopey shock
36:50 afterbirth disgust
40:30 "me too"
44:00 "look at all the tits"
46:56 bri-Fu
48:18 Ed-Fu
52:49 ed leers
55:42 bri leers

Cantonen kung-fu
Rock N Roll Rumble, Lifestyles USA, Shiver and shudder show,
Dusk till dawn trashorama vol. 7, Driver's ed scare films, Kids TV commercials,
martial arts mayhem,SWV sampler, campy classroom classics …..something weird video
Best of the many taboos of death
Knuckle Sandwich - courtesy Resurrection A. D. records
"man with a plan" courtesy James W. Johnson.com
"Crack hoes" courtesy Bumfights.com
"More sex & drugs" educational archives/Fantoma Video
"Sex & Buttered popcorn" - courtesy VCI Entertainment
HOM bondage courtesy Phil the Fan

Episode 139
Aired 1/11/04
Opening dub: "kid with mom"
CAs: Big bad mama, Django-last killer, The Cool ones,
Master of the flying Guillotine, Psycho Charlie part 3.
Shorts: "A safe route for you", "Case study: heroin"
X-rated Animation: "Red riding hood" (conclusion)
Dick York Theater: "Finding the right job"
Girly shorts: "Joan Arnold: nature Girl", "genie with Chains"
Commercials: shredded wheat, King Vitaman
Excerpts from "many taboos of death"

2:39 shut-up!
3:40 "now that's more like it"
6:54 "that's us…."
9:50 quick cuts with drums
13:50 catfight
14;59 wot da fuk
17:30 gay scream
22:35 still of tokin'
28:10 ed's cold sweat
29:09 bri leers with tongue
33:49 homo coughs
35:50 making lists
38:45 "stop asking.." (chuck)
40:50 not amused
47:50 "Nice tits!" (chuck likes tits)
49:35 Little tits/nice ass
52:11 "those guys are homos!"
55:32 "chuck loves violence"

Dusk til dawn 8, Rock N Roll rumble, Nudie cuties 100, Lifestyles USA vol. 2, martial arts mayhem…something weird
Sex & drugs…Fantoma
Gruesome previews - courtesy W.A.V.E. video
"Once upon a girl" - courtesy Shocking Videos
Nuclear 911… VCE
Commercials….. Video resources

Episode 140
Aired 1/25/04
Opening dub: "doozy batz"
CAs: The stepmother, Stiletto, Bobgirl, Medicine Ball caravan, The Vampire & the ballerina,
Sacred knives of vengence, Master Killer, Sting of the Dragon masters,
Code name: Doll squad, Gambling with souls.
Short: babysitter's guide
Excerpt: "Crates" from Bumfights 2
Condensed feature: "Drugs are like"
Commercials: Maypo, Twinkles, Farina, D-Frost, Esso happy motoring
HOM bondage clip

2:00 "Alenjdro Rey"
9:15 "They made a movie about us"
11:14 Ballerina
12:50 kung-fu reactions
15:08 confused
17:04 "finally some tits"
21:31 making a list
24:06 leering on phone
31:46 eewwww!
36:51 ducking pills
40:45 laughs
48:42 scared reactions
51:46 "gimme somma dat!"
56:41 (chuck) "That's a fine idea"

Dusk til dawn 8, martial arts mayhem, Campy classroom classics…something weird
Cereal commercials: video resources
Sex & buttered popcorn - courtesy VCI
Gruesome previews - courtesy W.A.V.E. video

Episode 141 annual salute to Black History Month
Aired 2/08/04
Opening dub
CAs: The Slams, Tender loving care, Shaolin dynamite, welcome to death row, Ill gotten gain
Short: "Probation"
Animation: "All this and Rabbit stew"
Condensed feature: "Velvet Smooth"
Assorted black nudity
Tina Turner commercial
Short: "All together"
Musical excerpt: Cab Calloway: "Reefer man"
Various black porn excerpts

3:36 "Shee-it"
7:39 "Goddamn"
8:20 dolemite
10:07 "dey's crazee!"
11:29 ed tongue/bri sleep
12:45 black shuffle
14:42 crying
15:36 "spar ribs"
16:54 C.U.s faces
17:39 guns
22:05 we can dig it
25:30 can you dig it
26:27 tokin'
27:05 phone message
30:55 fight1
35:20 fight moves
37:21 muther fukka
42:10 smaller butzes
44:29 "baby got back"
45:50 shaking hands
47:02 Tina's teeth bumper
48:50 "Barber laula"
50:46 handshake
52:50 Dats it!
54:43 Black dancing

Dusk til Dawn 8….something weird
Black trailers…. Xenon Ent group
Velvet Smooth….Neshobe Films
Black on Black 3 …. Red light district

Episode 142
Aired 2/22/04
Opening dub
CAs: Confessions of a psycho cat, Deadly weapons, Godmonster of Indian flats,
The wild rebels,
Death curse of tartu, Racing Fever, Trapped!, Daddy-O
Animation: "All's fair at the fair"
Commercials: Fluffo, Keds, Clanky syrup
Excerpt: macheste' in hell
Condensed feature: Soapy the grem fighter
Short: Miami or bust
Excerpt: "Diving for crack" (from Bumfights 2)
Short: Drugs Effects

3:12 "oh, shut up"
7:58 wot da fuk?!
12:00 phone leering
18:52 look at each other - chuckle - confused
23:59 Doofy dancing
26:00 "you gotta be fukin' kidding"
30:40 soft double take
31:40 tokin'
34:42 "homo cake of soap"
35:08 "No, He's a homo"
38:32 "don't drop mr. Soapy"
42:07 waving goodbye
45:08 "ww2 - the big one"
46:07 "face like a horse"
48:11 "face like a walrus"
50:57 "Dey's crazee"
51:53 doob thru TV gag
55:59 who, us?

Bumfights 2 - courtesy Bumfights.com
Maniac….. Kino Video
Gruesome previews - courtesy W.A.V.E. video
Social engineering, More sex & drugs…. Fantoma
"Top 10 forgotten cartoons"…. Brentwood
SWV sampler, Rock N roll rumble…..something weird

Episode 143
Aired 3/07/04
Another family dub "K.Y."
CAs: The Prowler, The Choppers, The Amazing transplant, Kill-baby-Kill,
The Executioners, Street of a thousand pleasures.
Short: "the trouble with women"
Excerpt: "Moyst"
Animation: "Zugskin"
Kung-fu crip: "Crippled masters"
Condensed feature: Sniffles and sneezes
Commercials: Raid, Tang, Chunky, Armour franks
HOM bondage clip

4:39 head react
7:53 phone gag
8:40 why not?
9:30 "Lesbians rule" (chuck)
14:20 "yep…..un-huh"
16:00 look at al the tits
23:50 "Again with the homos?!"
27:49 ed jerks
35:23 kung-fu bri
38:49 what?
39:23 hocking
45:39 straws look up
48;33 looking aghast
52;27 "so you wanna be in movies…"

Moyst - courtesy hart Williams/moyst.org
"Zugskin" - courtesy Justin Curfman.com
Tai Seng video
On the job…. Fantoma
SWV sampler, shiver & shudder show, Health & safety vol. 6….something weird
Commercials: video resources

Episode 144
Aired 3/21/04
Nancy Reagan dub
CAs: Hitch Hike ot Hell,, Kidnapped Coed, Goliath and the vampires, Samson & the Vampire women
Secret sex lives of Romeo & Juliet, Varietease, Fighting Black Kings.
Short: "The atom and the eve"
Tomiko bumper
Animation: Space angel "Space pirates" part one
Dick York theater: "The last date"
Excerpt: "Biography of a corpse"
Ass't dvd nudity

3:15 rape
3:40 Russell Johnson "looks familiar"
4:20 "it IS him!"
6:42 "same budget as our show"
10:50 why?
11: 25 spank that heiney
11:50 "look out - homo"
14:00 "C'mon, already - get nekkid!"
14:40 holding ears
18:38 soft double take
22:45 yawns - stretching
26:45 farts
30:49 fake laughs
36:02 crying
38:20 DICK!
40:15 "I like dick"
45:14 "Dick looks so small"
48:03 "slow down Dick"
48:55 "oh, shut up
52:06 disgust

Tomiko's website: Tomiko1.com ….. (tomiko1 @aol.com)
Driver's ed scare films 5, SWV sampler, shiver & shudder show….something weird
Space Angel … Bijou Flicks
National Geographic "geofiles"

Episode 145
Aired 4/04/04
Opening dub: "vel couple"
CAs Wham-Bam-Thank you Spaceman, asylum of Satan, Daytona beach Weekend,
Saturday night out, he Archer, Phantom of the red house, Sting of death, Bad girls go to hell,
Short: "why Cathy doesn't eat breakfast"
"animation": Space angel- "space pirates" part 2
Condensed feature: "Scouting USA"
Nooditity: Summer Cummings and friends (with commercials: Playtex, Pet milk)
industrialTELEVISION piercing at Buddy's Tattoos

3:25 Homo
5:40 quick cuts
6:50 C.U. w/red gel
7:40 'we get it!"
9:35 "much too violent"
13:30 dancin'
14:45 "…a bad movie"
C.U.s over: "possessed - corrupt - immoral"
19:15 "gimme somma dat"
22:30 tard sex
29:30 "yep, ..mmm-hmmm"
33:47 "get me outta here" (chuck pleads)
34:00 "stop using my lips"(chuck laments)
36:00 "pitch a tent"
36:26 "looks like shit"
41:37 scared screams (long)
44:25 heartwarming looks
45:30 godbye!
46:10 "whatta pair…"
54:40 girly screams

Gruesome previews - courtesy W.A.V.E. video
Swv sampler, Rock N Roll rumble, Campy classroom classics 14….. something weird
Social engineering…… Fantoma
"cerebral palsy"…. Linda Feesey
Space Angel … Bijou Flicks
Summer Cummings…. Napoli Video
Classic TV commercials…. Catco

Episode 146
Aired 4/18/04
Opening dub - "Mr. & Mrs. Gregory"
CAs: Another day-another man, Blood suckers, Curse of the living corpse, the Caddy (uncensored out-takes), Lawyer Luau.
Shorts: "So we killed our parents"……."Distraction" (animated short)
"animation": Space angel- "space pirates" part 2
condensed feature: "Sally"
commercials: Jello, Big Thumb, uncensored Bayshore Plymouth,
musical excerpt: "Hairdresser"
swollen floppers footage

3:14 ed gets punched
6:38 "and some guys ass!"
9:20 ducking boulders
15:03 "WTF is that guy talking about?" (chuck)
20:03 "kill the pigs"
23:55 zoom-in
26:54 C.U. eyes left
28:28 another WTF from chuck
30:05 "you gotta be kidding"
36:30 "that's us"
37:00 "so young - oohhh!"
38:40 the pointer
40:13 gotta get me one of those (bra)
41:40 bad song forces us to hold ears
42:50 "so young - oohhh!" (part 2)
47:16 "hug/kiss her!!!"
51:53 laughing (which turns into:
54:00 laughing/crying

SWV sampler, shiver & shudder show, …something weird
Hollywood Bloopers
More sex & drugs ….. Fantoma
Commercials: video resources
Space Angel … Bijou Flicks
Gruesome previews - courtesy W.A.V.E. video
"Distraction" - courtesy Steven Lapcevic (anomalyville.com)
"So we killed our parents" - courtesy Shane Ryan (alteregocinema.com)

(Due to equipment problems, a re-run of the 100th episdoe ran for two weeks: 5/02 & 5/09/04)

Episode 147
Aired 5/16/04
Opening dub - "The projector man admonishes"
CAs: Monsters crash the pajama party, The Pigkeepers Daughter, Finders Keepers,
Something Weird, Kiss me quick, Maniac (1932)
Animation: "Mother Goose" - Humpty Dumpty (early Ray Harryhausen)
TV Carnage excerpts: "Squirrel Melts", "Fame Dancer"
Non-Nude Striptease shorts by Blaze Star
Condensed Feature: "Options To Live" (highway safety film)
Kung-Fu Crip: "Cantonen Kung-Fu"
Nuditidy: Summer Cummings
Commercials: Gung Ho, Voice Control Airport, Steve Canyon helmet
HOM bondage footage under credits

3:45 agreeing: "Go Ahead!"
5:48 Chuck hates Homos
7:09 "This was your choice"
9:29 Holding Noses
12:42 "I know how to do that!"
15:16 "stop with the yelling!"
20:17 "gotta be fukin' kidding"
24:08 "C'mon, get nekkid"
30:30 toking
32:12 CU: ed (what pain looks like)
44:00 fight
46:00 fight2
40:13 gotta get me one of those (bra)
50:33 "who, us?"

SWV sampler, Blaze Star goes Nudist…something weird video
Hell's Highway ....courtesy of Kino intl.
Top 10 forgotten cartoons
Commercials: ....Catco video
Kung-Fu .....Tai Seng Video
Summer Cummings & friends .... Napali Video
"Casual Fridays" Courtesy TV Carnage
Gruesome previews - courtesy W.A.V.E. video

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