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eDroogie's SCI-Fl, HORROR, FANTASY, and exploitation PRICE LIST

Almost Everything you see here is gone.
Most pieces were one of a kind.
I keep it up here for the keywords.
See my current auctions on
ebay for many other RARE items.

Theater Lobby Card set ..... .125.
Topps Card Set 1st Series w/wrapper 65.
(PIC) (other series avail.)
Escape From the Death Star Board Game-30 (sealed) -20. (opened)
Star Wars Super 8 sound digests parts 1 + 2 (2 400' reels) 150.
Puzzles: 500 PC. - Luke, Space Battle- 20 ea.
Burger King Glasses: SW- 10. ea.-Luke, Vader, Robots...
ESB-7. ea. -Lando, Robots, Vader (complete set of four-30.)
ROTJ-5.ea.-Ewoks, Sabre Duel
Stormtrooper 12-Back card. .5.
ROTJ Pepperidge Farm Set of Four Plastic Cups 20.
SW X-Wing or Tie-Fighter Model Kits (MPC-1978) 35.ea.
ROTJ Speeder Bike Model Kit (1984) 20.
Bend-Em's 4 Pc. gift set w/trading cards.... 20.
SW Tusken Raider Sandpeople Mug 9.

SW glass art (unlicensed) 8X10" framed... .20.
SW Micro Machine Sets:
C3PO/Cantina:25.. . .R2D2/Jabba's palace:25...Vader/Bespin:25.
SW Photobuster B+W Still Set 26 diff. :40.
SW Rolling Stone issue 20.
SW Brass Belt Buckle.... 15.
ESB Rolling Stone issue.... 15.
SW Storybook 15. ESB Pressbook 15.
SW Pendants: ....... 15.ea loose
SW Pendants:Chewy,R2D2:20.ea MIP
SW Sketch book 10.
SW Calendar:40.MIB,
SW Pop-Up Book 20.
SW, ESB, ROTJ Macquarrie Portfolios:25.ea.,65 lot

'78 Convention Bag w/boarding pass.... 15.
Ideal "Pocket Flix" w/ST movie 20.
ST 25th Anniversary Plate... .40.
ST-TMP Klingon Cruiser Model Kit(AMT'84) 20.
ST-TMP "Action Fleet" Mobile (mail-away)....35.
ST-TMP McDonald's Happy Meal Boxes w/toys 10.ea.
Paperbacks: "The World of ST", "Trouble w/Tribbles".. . .5.ea.
ST-TNG Action Figs. (Galoob '88):Picard, Worf, Riker. .. .15.ea.
ST-TNG Romulan Action Fig. (Playmates '92) 15.
ST-Five Ltd. Ed. Figure: "Klaa". .. .NMIB. .35.
Barbie and Ken Star Trek 40.
pvc ENTERPRISE figurine from 1992....5.

Alien legacy trading cards full box...45.
Alien Trading Cards full box (Topps '79).. .65.
Alien Action Figs.:Ripley, Bishop (Kenner '92)....10.ea.
Hive Warrior Alien.....10.
Aliens Euro Bubble Bath Container.... 25.
"Swarm Alien" Euro Action Fig...20.
Aliens Power Loader from Action Figure line...10.
"Operation: Aliens"- Euro Plaster Moulding Set...35.
"Operation: Aliens" colector's action figure case...15.
Alien 150 piece puzzle (Kane looks in egg)...25.
Alien paperback edition...6.
Aliens action fleet Narcissus ship set...25.
Aliens Konami arcade game instruction manual...20.

Univers. Monsters Party Favors... .10.
Univers. Monsters Trading Card Treats -full bag... .10.
Frankenstein Cardboard Candy Dispenser (mars candy)... .10.
Real Ghostbusters Monsters: set of six 35.
Famous Monsters Plaster Casting set: Frankenstein 100.
Ideal Frankenstein Fig.(1980 6" european-same as remco) 80.
Monster Spitballs: Frank.+Drac 10.
Elvira Coors light stand-ups: 2 diff. .95. (extra shipping required)

Freddy Kruger/Nightmare on Elm St.-
Child's Halloween Costume and Mask... .35.
Maxx FX Figure... .30.
N.0.E.S. 3 Movie Poster... .20.
Spitballs 10.
Rare Freddy calendar card 4.

Freddy Figure... .20.
Stickers (full box) w/album 25.
Stick-Up Fig 15.
Scare Stick 25.
Squish-em 15.

CE3K Board game (sealed) 25.
Puzzles:100 pc.= Ship,Aliens,Mothership-10.ea;
250 Pc.- Mothership landing or opening- 15.ea.
Paperbacks: CE3K Diary, CE3K Mindbenders 5.ea.
Topps Trading Cards lot of 15 wrappers - 7.
Hardcover Book 10.; Paperback:5.
Super 8 Sound Digest Version (400')... .40.


3 Audio Cassette Boxed Set 10.
Joker Cycle (Toy Biz) 20.
Projector Gun (Toy Biz) 20.
Action Fig.w/batrope(toy biz). ..8.
Candy Heads(topps'89) 35.
McDonald's Cup w/cat coup 10.

Pac-Man 30.
Tiny Tunes 15.
Bill + Ted 15.
Slimer + the Real Ghostbusters.... 15.
Addam's Family w/mini-poster... 15
Wheaties Set of 3: Ruth, Mays, Gerhig 30.

Military Model Kits (all late 1970's):
Revell German Cruiser Prinz Eugen...15
Battleship USS Alabama 15.
Lindberg HMS King George 15.
MPC Me 262a 10.
Eborsisk Dragon 35.
Mad Martigan w/horse
General Kael w/horse 15.ea.
Role Playing Board Game 30.
School Folders (set of 4) 10.
Pee-Wee's Playhouse Trading Cards (5 unopened packs) 7.
Pee-Wee Action Figure with scooter 20.
James Bond (see
soundtracks also)
007 Sting Pistol w/ID (coibel '85) 20.
Roger Rabbit Flexi Set of six 100.
Plush Cactus from "STEVEN" autographed by Doug Allen... .75.
JEOPARDY! Interactive Challenger electronic game 40.
Escape from NY Board Game ('81) 45.
Toxic High School Trading Cards (full box).. .11.
Space 1999 Lunch Box C-8 35.
Superpowers child's Sunglasses: Superman, Wonder Woman 8.ea.
: 3 Vehicles, 2 Figures, Sandworm all for 140. Lot includes-Sandworm (MIB-box is excellent), action figures: Stilgar, Paul A., (MOC-cards are good-very good) vehicles: sand roller, sand crawler, and 1 sand tracker all are MOC-cards range from fair to good

Jurassic Park:
Action figures Young T-Rex, Stegosaur 25.ea
Lot of 7 candies in boxes 15.
Unopened box of fruit snack dino eggs (10 pouches in box) 10.
Playing cards 8.
Flavored lip balm 5.
Overnight travel pack (8 items in bag) 10.
JP McDonald's lot: 7 cups, place mat, coupon insert, bag, 8 fries containers...all for 30.

BARBIE Coll. Ed. "wacky warehouse '92" 55.
Ren + Stimpy Farting Dolls 60.pair
"Houdini's Magic Kit" (70's) box C-7, contents mint 20.
Harry and the Hendersons Bendy Figure 15.
Friday the Thirteenth Spitballs (89) 15.
1D4 Supreme Commander 25.
Weird Ball: "Snotnose" on card 10.
Astronaut Fries 5.
ET School Kit 10.
Alfred E. Newman Bendy 15.
2001: A Space Odyssey: Puzzle-45;
2001: A Space Odyssey RARE American Cinematographer...110.
Captain Power action figure 10.
pencil set/case 10.

MISC. Continued:
Space Age Stamp Collection (90 stamps) 15.
Trading Card Treats (full bags) : Widget, Marvel, Archie 8.ea.
Complete set of 6 diff. bags 45. lot
The Invaders, Man From UNCLE #1 or three 5. ea.
"Wonderful World of the Bros. Grimm Soundtrack LP w/Storybook 35.

Last House On The Left 70.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre ('80 Re-release) 60.
Cry Uncle 30.
Mondo Cane 1+2 (double bill) 40.
"Orgy of the Living Dead"... (triple bill show)...35.
Thunderball.. (James Bond Film Festival) 70.
2,000 Maniacs (autographed by H.G. Lewis!)200.
Being There 30.
Shocking Asia...(direct from 42nd St.!) 35.
Dreamscape 35.
Andy Warhol's Frankenstein 55.
Enemy Mine 30.
CALIGULA... (theatrical Release) 50.
The Van 20.
The Hills Have Eyes 60.
The Fly . . (David Cronenberg) 40.
Night of the Living Dead.. (re-release) 45.
Cat People... (n. Kinski) 45.
Texas Chainsaw II 20.
Poltergeist 25.
Escape from NY 45.
Dragonslayer 20.

(digests on 400' reels)
Star Wars parts 1 + 2 (2 reels) 150.
Empire Strikes Back 60.
Logan's Run 50.
Mysterious Island, Galactica: Cylon Attack, Silent Running 40.ea.
Three Stooges: "Calling All Curs" 40.
The Exorcist....(rare) 70.

TRADING CARDS: (full boxes - most have 36 unopened packs)
Harry and the Hendersons 20.
Ghostbusters II 20.
Rad Dudes 20.
Dick Tracy 15.
Desert Storm Victory... 20.
Disney Collector Cards 25.
New Kids on the Block... 15.
Baseball's Gross-outs 20.
The A-Team 30.
Fievel Goes West 15.
Jaws 3-D 25.
Dune.. .35.
Supergirl 20.
Roger Rabbit 25.
Nintendo Game Packs 15.
Donkey Kong 20.
Boris series 1.. .60.
Gremlins .35.
JawsII 25.
Robocop 2 15.
Kojak 80.
Wacky Packages (1990).. .20.
Alf 20.
AIf 2nd .20.
Bill + Ted 15.
Comic Ball 2 15.
GI Joe 15.
Tron 40.
Dinosaurs Attack 12.
Beetlejuice 20.
Desert Storm (pro set) 15.
Batman 1st series 15.
Dark Crystal 35.
Little Shop of Horrors 20.
Superman 3 30.
Moon/Mars Embossed boxed space card Set.. .55.

last chance to get these!.. many will never be released on CD!
ALL ARE: $10.00 ea. or 3 for $25.00

Star Wars (2 LP set sealed-$30.00)
The Empire Strikes Back
Pops in Space- John Williams
Out of this world- John Williams
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Superman The Movie
King Kong ('76)
2001 (F-G condition-$5.00, EX-$15.00)
Twilight Zone: The Movie
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. . ....... sealed-$25.00
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 2: The Wrath of Khan
The Dunwitch Horror
Life of Brian (Monty Python-sealed $15.00)
Road Warrior --French import-"Mad Max 2".. $25.00
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Jupiter Menace
The Cat People
Halloween (U.S. release-$20.00)
Halloween original Japanese Import RARE!...$40.00
Halloween 2
Halloween 3
Dressed To Kill
Return of the Living Dead 2 (sealed-$15.00)
FANTASIA.. $15.00
Friday the 13th
LOGAN'S RUN.. $25.00
Midnight Express
The Graduate (only in fair cond.)
Laugh-In '69 (only in fair cond.)
Satrurday Night Fever
Full Metal Jacket (sealed)
The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Herrmann (25.00)
Rock 'N' Roll High School
Mantovani-Great theme music (only in fair cond.)
Get Crazy
American Gigalo
Easy Rider (only in fair cond.)
Television's Greatest Hits
Midnight (sealed)
First Men in the Moon (25.00)
Chariots of Fire
James Bond 007 LPs...
The Incredible World of J.Bond (rare-music from 1st 3 films)
The Spy Who Loved Me
Dr. No

Old-Time Radio LPs...
Best of Groucho (w/Ernie Kovacs from "you bet your life"-sealed)
The Green Hornet (sealed)

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