here's some RARE behind-the-scenes glimpses
from the 2droogies clubhouse
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It's fuckin cold in here!
ed confers with it's joe about the technical aspects of the shot.
pointing at another brilliant pice of garbage
what? the mikes weren't hooked up on that last hour of tape we just shot?
big rich gregory
did you just fart?
2 handsome droogies
pointing out important things
total professionals
ed, that last take was no good...
it's joe EXTREME!
now hole on dere!
make-up application
the set you never see!
this is my favorite show!
what did he just say?!

see the opening again!

this was the rare behind-the-scenes glimpse
of the original 2droogies clubhouse.
It was actually constructed in a corner of my garage, untill we moved it to a corner of my basement in 2000

photoshopped ed droogie
the corner table
the prop box
what we're really watching
dead mouse
dickey do
ed droogie wheelchair cripple
production notes
set unseen view
more blood stains
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